Phase XI - 1988 to 2001


The Wood Hall Moated Manor Project began in 1988. In the thirteen years from then until its closure in 2001 more than 500 people, mostly trainees and interested 'amateurs', took part in the excavations; more than 100 schools took advantage of the educational resource provided, either by site visits or on Work Experience Schemes; and literally thousands of people from all corners of the globe visited the excavations. The Project received two certificates in the British Archaeological Awards for the presentation of the site to the public, and National Power received four similar certificates for their continued sponsorship.


Thanks are due to the British Academy, Sheffield Environmental Facility, and the Universities of Bradford, Cardiff, Durham and Sheffield, the Environmental Archaeology Unit at York, and the York Archaeological Trust Conservation section, for their continued support of and participation in the Project. Among many individuals too numerous to name who have taken an interest in the Project, the contributions of Mrs Ann Hind (documentary evidence) and Stephen Moorhouse (medieval pottery and much good advice) deserve special recognition.


The Project has always enjoyed the greatest support from local people. Among the businesses that have contributed to its success are Eggborough Power Ltd, Rendell Palmer and Tritton, Hickson of Castleford, Shepherd Construction, Hewden Stewart, Neil Tools, Crossley Tordoff of Pontefract, Greenacres Vermin Control and Stapleton Venison and Game. Heartfelt thanks are due to the people of Womersley for their unfailing support and forbearance; but the greatest acknowledgement must go to the excavation staff (Simon Tomson, John McIlwaine, Dan Ferguson, Barbara Lowe, Jane Dawson and Brian Minhinnick) and of course the 'diggers' - without whom none of it would have been possible.


This interim report is a synthesis of the work of many individuals; all mistakes, however, are the authorís own.


The Future


Wood Hall now belongs to Eggborough Power Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of British Energy plc, and will be safeguarded, for its wildlife as well as its archaeology, as part of the Integrated Land Management Plan for the Gale Common Ash Disposal Site. There are no plans to excavate the remainder of the site. The Wood Hall archive is housed at the Yorkshire Museum, Museum Gardens, York YO1 7FR.


© Vivienne Metcalf 2001


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