Phase VI - 1403 to c 1440


The de Newmarch period at Wood Hall probably came to an end, in fact if not in name, in 1403, when Ralph de Newmarch was killed at the battle of Shrewsbury. The Womersley/Wood Hall succession then becomes unclear, until the marriage of Elizabeth de Newmarch, Ralph’s grand-daughter, to John Neville of Oversley in Lincolnshire. The date of this marriage is not certain but is probably in the early 1440s.


The archaeological record at Wood Hall would suggest a short period of neglect during the fifteenth century - again, it is very tempting to associate this with the lack of an obvious de Newmarch heir. By the 1450s, however, attention was once more being paid to the site. Certainly the overgrown hedges and shrubs were pruned back hard, and the prunings used as one of the final layers of backfill in the large cistern in the centre of the site (see above Phase IV).




Phase VII - c 1440 to April 15 1482



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