Phase IV – 1183 to 1248


It is tempting to associate the sudden change of plan apparent in the archaeological record at Wood Hall with the change of ownership which took place in 1183, when Otes de Tilley’s heiress, Dionysia, was married into the de Newmarch family, who had extensive land holdings around Askern and Doncaster. However, it seems likely that the original land clearance and settlement, possibly begun under de Tilley, was completed under de Newmarch ownership. Documentary evidence suggests that it was not until the mid thirteenth century, after Adam de Newmarch had reached his majority, that some of the buildings at Wood Hall were deliberately demolished, the pits, 'stew-pond' and half-completed drainage ditch filled in, and a moat dug around the site.


Phase V - 1248 to 1403 The Moated Site


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