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I found your web site when researching my family tree, and have found it interesting. I wonder if you know of anyone who could help me with my research.

I'm looking at my late father's branch. His father was Frank Addy, who I have just found out was born in Cridling Stubbs on 14 December 1914, and whose father was Lawrence Addy, who was born in Knottingly on 29/5/1880. He died in 1936 in Knottingley.  Lawrence was a signalman and married Ada Hodgeson from Wetherby. T hey had four other children besides Frank: Leonard, Edith, Lillian and Florence.

I've seen a Richard Addy on your history page who was around in 1936. I don't know if he is any relation of this family.

I'd be very grateful if you could post a request for information on your site, and for any information you could offer.


Stephen Kent-Taylor

(My surname is not Addy, as my dad's mother changed her and my dad's surname when she divorced Frank Addy.)


Stephen Kent-Taylor

"Panta Hellenici estin emoy."