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The History of Cridling Stubbs.


A Potted History of Cridling Stubbs

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Can you help this visitor to this site?

Do you have photos of houses in the village that show how things in Cridling Stubbs have changed?

The one piece of evidence I have so far is this aerial photo of the village, does anyone know when the water treatment works was built?

Click on this map of Cridling Stubbs to see a 1853 map of the village and the area to the north and east of "Stubbs".

Link to Maps of Cridling Stubbs


 1841 Census Return for Cridling Stubbs

1881 Census Return for Cridling Stubbs

1891 Census Return for Cridling Stubbs


 Information from the 1834 Election Poll

 Information from the 1848 Election Poll


Subsidy Rolls (Poll Tax) for the year 1379