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The Village Hall Grand Re-opening


After a “face-lift”, Cridling Stubbs Village Hall was officially re-opened on Saturday, 2nd November by Mr & Mrs Hallam.  Mr Hallam said a few words commending the work done and Mrs Hallam cut the ribbon allowing the visitors to view the transformation.


Free refreshments were served and entertainment was provided by the talented young musician James Bottomley.  Everyone seemed to admire the new décor and have a good time.  A raffle was held with lots of high calorie prizes.  In total, £60 was raised for Village Hall funds.


Anyone wishing to hire the Hall should contact Julie Bottomley, telephone 675730.  Hire charges are a very reasonable £6 per hour, which covers the cost of all facilities.  The use of a microwave can be arranged.


A traditional Christmas party is to be held for primary and pre-school children on Saturday 14th December from 3-5pm.  Invitations are on their way.


 Dog Exercising


Please note that the Village Hall Grounds are not suitable for the exercising of dogs.  The grounds will need cleaning before they can be used for children’s activities.


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Library


The Village Hall Library has now opened on a weekly basis on Wednesday afternoons at 3.30pm for primary and pre-school children of the village.  Membership forms are available from the Hall on Library Day.


A varied selection of both books and toys are available to borrow.  Refreshments will be on sale at the same time for older residents who want to call in for a chat and a cuppa.  In the very near future, the library will also be open to adults (obviously with a different set of books to the children).  Any more donations of books for both young and older readers will be gratefully received.


Darrington Quarries


After numerous odour complaints from residents on 26th October, Darrington Quarries Ltd were issued with yet ANOTHER enforcement notice for failing to cover waste adequately when an out-of-hours inspection was carried out the following day.


The Environment Agency should be notified on the freephone number when the odour is detected off the site at any time.


British Energy


The owners of Eggborough power station are willing to carry out or pay for work up to a value of £1000 + VAT on the village hall as a “planning gain”.  The Village Hall Committee will use the money to damp proof the building before work is carried out inside the building.




Telephone numbers to register your complaints-



Selby District Council) - 01757 292189


Noise from Darrington Quarries Ltd -

Robert Smith (Minerals) at County Hall, Northallerton-01609 780780


Odour from Darrington Quarries Landfill Site - Environment Agency Hotline -0800 80 70 60.


Noise nuisance in general -

Mrs Helen Howlett (Selby District Council) 01757 292191


Dirty Roads –

Colin Jackson (NYCC Highways Selby Depot) - 01757 702441


Refuse Collection


Please note that the persons who empty our dustbins have received strict instructions not to touch any rubbish left at the side of wheelie-bins.



Forthcoming Events


It is hoped to hold some kind of “Christmassy Event”, with music, carol-singing and seasonal refreshments.  More information soon.


Next Parish Meeting


A reminder that the next Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 19th November at the earlier-than-usual time of 7.00pm in the Village Hall.



Friends of Cridling Stubbs Auction


Does the fun never stop in Cridling Stubbs?  "Friends of Cridling Stubbs" raised the magnificent total of £370 at their fund-raising auction in the Village Hall on Wednesday evening.

Amidst much laughter, the auction kicked off with bids for a fat, five-foot multi-coloured snake.  Fortunately for the family who "adopted" this reptile, it was only a soft toy although it did beg the question as to where the young lady purchaser was planning to keep her acquisition!

The auction proceeded at a brisk pace run by a volunteer who seemed born to the task.  It has been suggested that the Monday morning Selby Auctions have much to answer for.  Goods were ferried with military precision by helpers, young and not so young.  The highest bids were received for a pair of chimney pots and some Ercol chairs.  There were bargains galore, including Delia Smith recipe Christmas Puddings, Christmas decorations, crockery, glassware, toys, bikes, hair appointments, videos, lamps and much more.  One resident is rumoured to have completed his Christmas shopping without moving from his seat whilst another bought so much, he probably needed a trailer to get it home.  Pity there wasn’t one on offer!