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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 66   Date 6th August 2011


Wind Farm


In December 2010, WRG submitted a planning application for eight 125m wind turbines to be erected in Cridling Stubbs. This application is being considered by North Yorkshire County Council.  Selby District Council’s response was to recommend refusal.  At the time of  going to print, it is anticipated that it will be the October or, more likely, the December meeting before this is considered by the North Yorkshire Planning Committee.


Village Hall


Earlier this year substantial funding was secured to improve the hall.  Quotes and further funding are actively being sought for roofing, rewiring, windows, heating, better disabled facilities and more.  If you would like to be part of this project, to ensure the survival of the only remaining amenity in the village, the Village Hall Committee always welcomes volunteers.


Coffee mornings, when the mobile library visits, will be held on Thursdays 11th August and 1st September from 9.30am onwards.  Thank you to all who have supported these sessions.


Youth Club


After its summer break, the youth club will be open again on Saturday 17th September at 6.00pm.


The Youth Club, run solely by unpaid volunteers, is again requesting your help.  Unless some extra hands step forward to support the youngsters it is unlikely to be able to continue.


It is hoped that the youngsters will  be getting creative, in preparation for the Cridling Stubbs Produce Show on Sunday 4th September, and giving the “oldies” some decent competition!


Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity


Another trustee is needed for the Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity.  If you are interested, please contact Councillor Gillian Ivey on 01977 620110.




On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th August at 10.00am, volunteers are needed to help with the removal of  branches from trees near the playground and the clearing of the undergrowth.  A skip is ordered to take away the waste and so any little help in filling it will be very much appreciated.




The Parish Council wishes to thank John Hardy for giving up his time to undertake the internal audit of its accounts.  These are now with the Government-appointed external auditors.


Produce Show 2011


Produce Show programmes have been delivered to each house and details are posted around the village and also available at: http://www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk.


Please note the show is not like those of yester-year where produce had to be primped, preened and polished for exhibition.  Interestingly it seems there is particular interest in the chocolate cake section this year.  Make, grow, bake, donate a raffle prize, sell raffle tickets, help set up etc and/or come along and enjoy the fun.


Useful Contacts


Parish Council

Clerk – Lynda Walker, 261628
Councillors –

Bryan Crossdale, 674031

Carl Wilson, 07816 882647 

Shaun Longley, 677782

Mark Stringer


 District Councillors

Gillian Ivey – The Chapel, Little Smeaton, Pontefract, WF8 3LR. Telephone  620110


Sue Ryder – Poplar Farm, Highgate, Balne, DN14 0ES

Telephone 01405 86191


County Councillor

John McCartney– 15 Hawthorn Garth, Kellington. Telephone 662558 


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council  Chairman’s Report 2011


The precept from households in 2010/11 raised £1768.  The greatest amounts were spent on petrol and maintenance for the mower, insurance, subscriptions to various bodies and room hire.  The full accounts of the Parish Council are available for inspection on request.  Details will be on the notice board soon.


A big thank you should go to the volunteers who cut the grass around the village (including the village hall grounds) and keep the various planters looking beautiful.


Parish Council representatives and a resident have tried to work with UK Coal over many years, complaining about the cleanliness of the roads.  After almost all residents wrote and complained, our MP has now become involved with the problem and written to the Chairman of UK Coal.

Parish Council representatives and a resident continue to attend regular liaison meetings with Darrington Quarries Limited.  These meetings were used to announce the proposals of the wind farm on the site.  Having consulted with residents, the Parish Council has decided to object to these proposals.


Having obtained almost £40,000 of funding, the project to create a playground has finally been completed and is proving to be a great success.  Young persons from other villages are often seen in the playground, increasing the Cridling Stubbs youngsters’ circle of friends.


The Cridling Stubbs Education Charity continues to exist but with bank interest rates being so small, the total value of the awards in 2010 had to be reduced.




During the first week of the summer holidays  some young people vandalised trees near the playground and then placed these large branches in the middle of the bypass causing traffic to stop and/or swerve to avoid the obstructions. Police attended and the persons in question were warned. Please ring North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 247 to report anti -social  or dangerous behaviour.


Parish Council


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 7th September at 7pm in the village hall (please note this is a week earlier than originally scheduled).


In response to the appeal for another parish councillor, Mark Stringer from Scrombeck Farm, Stapleton has now been co-opted.  However, there is still another vacancy. If you wish to be considered, please see the parish clerk, Lynda Walker, at 6 Hanover Green or telephone her on 01977 261268 for more details on what this position involves.


All residents are welcome to attend meetings and part of each one is set aside for residents to ask questions and/or air their views.  The Agenda for each meeting is posted on the notice board in the village hall grounds at least 3 days before the meeting is held.  Minutes of meetings can be read on the village website at: http://www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk


Cridling Stubbs Community Fund


The village hall’s bid for renovation money and to support evening activities was successful.  Many thanks to those who have worked hard to prepare and administer the bids.


The Community Fund has kindly funded the “History on our Doorstep” sessions which started in June with lively presentations by archaeologist and historian Simon Tomson about the Woodhall Dig and Medieval Farming.  Watch out for  details of his return to Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.  Whilst Tom Dixon, taking a break from filming with the Hairy Bikers, will be here on Tuesday 27th September at 7pm to talk about the renowned Pontefract Liquorice.  There may also be a “home grown” interlude on this night. More information later….


Electronic format and contributions


If you have any information you would like to contribute to future issues of the Cridling News please contact Bryan Crossdale on 674031.  A reminder that, subject to request, the Cridling News is also available in audio format, pdf or in large print. It can can be viewed on the village website at: http://www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk