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Parish Meeting or Parish Council?


Please find attached a final voting slip for all eligible residents to vote on the Parish Meeting becoming a Parish Council at the next District Elections in May 2003.  Eligible means on the Cridling Stubbs Electoral Register.  It is very important you return it, even if you voted in the preliminary ballot, as this is the one that counts.


The Village Hall Grand Re-opening


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall has had a face-lift and will be officially re-opened on Saturday, 2nd November at 3.00pm.  Everyone is invited for free refreshments and entertainment.  After lots of activity by residents of all ages, the Hall will be ready for local people to make full use of this valuable asset.


Come along and join in the fun.


Darrington Quarries Planning Application


Darrington Quarries Ltd are to put a display of their imminent planning application in the Village Hall for anyone interested to attend.  It will be the Company’s chance to tell residents what their proposals entail and answer any questions or problems you may have with the planning application.


Rubbish Dumping


A local farmer has stated that he does not mind too much if grass cuttings are spread out in his field directly to the west of the village, provided there are no crops in the field.  However, he does draw the line at old baths etc being dumped in his field.


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Library


The Village Hall Library will be open on a regular, weekly basis beginning Wednesday 6th November at 3.30pm for primary school pupils of the village.  Membership forms are available from Claire Crossdale, The Nook, Cobcroft Lane or from the Hall on Library Day. Refreshments will be on sale at the same time for older residents who want to call in for a chat and a cuppa.



Village Bonfire


A bonfire will be held on, guess when, November 5th at The Ancient Shepherd.  Tickets are £2.50 for adults and £1.50 for children, to include food, and are available from the pub.  All proceeds will go to the “Friends of Cridling Stubbs” fund.


Next Parish Meeting


The next Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 19th November at the earlier-than-usual time of 7.00pm in the Village Hall.  Items on the agenda include the election of members to the Education Trust Fund Committee and Osgoldcross Parish Council Forum, litter bins and the final result of the “becoming a Parish Council” vote.  Everyone is very welcome to attend.