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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 59   Date 15th August 2009


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council


Selby District Council temporarily co-opted our two District Councillors, Gillian Ivey and Sue Ryder, to Cridling Stubbs Parish Council to enable it to resume its functions.  Two residents, Graham Byram and Shaun Longley expressed an interest in joining the Parish Council and have now been co-opted as parish councillors  until the elections in 2011.


Contact details for Parish Councillors and the Clerk are:


Lynda Walker (Clerk)

Tel 01977 671099


Bryan Crossdale (Chair)

Tel 01977 674031


Carl Wilson

Tel 01977 679188


Graham Byram

Tel 01977 670537


Shaun Longley

Tel 01977 677782.


There is still one vacancy on the Parish Council.  If you feel you might like to become a parish councillor please see Lynda Walker for more details of the final vacancy.


The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th September at 7pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.


Village Hall


Thanks to the efforts of an enthusiastic group of residents, the village hall is in the throes of yet another facelift.  Much of the kitchen has already been re-painted and with new curtains and light shades, it is scarcely recognisable.  The men's toilet is the scene of some serious on-going demolition work.  Should anyone feel they have time and expertise to spare, they will be very welcome.  No payments are made but a copious supply of tea and coffee and sometimes home-made cake is available.


The annual Cridling Stubbs Produce Show will be held in the hall on Sunday 23rd August.  Entries should be brought to the hall between 10.00am and 12.00 noon.  The fee for adult entries is 50p and 25p for children.  After the Judges have done their bit, the public will be admitted at 4pm for viewing, when refreshments will be served.  The produce will be auctioned at 5pm.  Cash only but deliveries can be arranged should the produce on offer reach gigantic proportions.  Please come along with bulging wallets and purses to support this event as all proceeds are used for maintenance of the building.


The mobile library will be in the village at 9.40am on Thursday 27 August and the village hall will again be open for coffee, tea and home-made baking. As word spreads, these coffee mornings are becoming more and more successful.  Warm apple pie with whipped cream, chocolate brownies, coffee cake, butterfly buns and fresh cream scones were served last time. The next menu is currently undecided but Cridling Stubbs-grown fruit, free range eggs and preserves will definitely feature.  If you are not able to stay for coffee, calories and a chat, why not call in and buy to eat later?


Obstructing the Pavement


Several householders have overhanging trees and bushes which are forcing pedestrians onto the road.  Please be aware, it is a householder’s legal responsibility to prevent their vegetation being a hazard.  Highways North Yorkshire will take action and send you a bill if they have to do the work themselves.  Please also be aware that pavements are for people and parking on them is both illegal and potentially dangerous.  This offence carries a fixed penalty ticket of £30.


Thank you in anticipation of your co-operation in these matters.


Joint Action Group



Cridling Stubbs residents turned out in force at Kellington for the last JAG meeting earlier this month.  As a direct result of the problems they raised - speeding traffic, accidents, dangerous junctions, poor road surface etc. - Cridling Stubbs was made one of two priority areas to be  targeted for action by the appropriate authorities. (Speeding on the A19 at Whitley was the other).


This means that North Yorkshire Police, Fire & Rescue Service, Highways, Selby District Council and other bodies will make a concerted effort to overcome the problems raised.


Inspector Abbott stressed the importance of people keeping their car keys secure, in order to prevent “2 in 1 burglaries” which is where keys are stolen from a house and then the car itself is stolen.


The next JAG meeting will be held on 10th December at 7pm, probably at Womersley Village Hall.  All resident are welcome to attend to raise concerns and make comments about local issues directly to those delivering the services as well as giving people an opportunity to be part of the solution to local concerns.


Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity Awards 2009


Award forms have been distributed this week and must be returned by 15th September.  Contact District Councillor Gillian Ivey on 620110 if you have any queries.  As the two remaining trustees of this scheme, huge thanks are due to her and John Vause for the time and effort they have spent in sorting out the difficulties caused by the resignation of the previous trustees and the unauthorised distribution of incorrect forms.


Electricity Supply


CE Electric, suppliers of electricity in Yorkshire, maintain a database containing information on customers who have a particular electrical dependency.  This includes the elderly, disabled, those suffering from a chronic illness or dependant on dialysis, ventilators or specially designed beds or chairlifts.  To register your details you can contact CE Electric direct on 0800 169 2996 or contact Lynda Walker who has a supply of forms.


Children’s Activities


The Cridling Stubbs Youth Club continues to run thanks to the volunteers who willingly give up their Saturday evenings from 6-8pm to support the youngsters.


Since everyone was fed-up with “most items in a match box”, this year’s produce show has new children’s categories.  Hopefully scarecrows, dinosaurs and hats will eliminate the dead insect and toenail type of items which had been known to lurk in the match boxes.  Doubtless the judges will be more than relieved!


Following critical acclaim of its  first production, Cinderella The Pantomusical, it is anticipated that rehearsals for Peter Pan will start shortly.  Anyone interested in helping in any way, but especially with ideas of how to make Tinkerbell fly, should call into the village hall on a Saturday evening or see Lynda Walker.


In a new Osgoldcross Forum-backed project, Selby 4Youth have been working with all local children to survey what provision is available locally (not very much at the moment).  Youngsters have been busy making recordings and producing a DVD to show what is available now and what ideas they have for future activities.


The Selby 4 Youth Bus visited the village recently when the children enjoyed a range of activities including watching themselves on the DVD they had made and playing badminton.  (Hopefully the young man who came too close to a badminton racket does not have too big a bruise.)


Selby District Council’s Play Rangers visit quite regularly to provide (free) sports activities and games for all children aged between 5 and 15 years.  Those under 8 need a parent or guardian present.  Please keep an eye on the notice board in the village hall for further details.




If you have any information you would like to contribute to future issues of the Cridling News please contact Bryan Crossdale on 674031.  A reminder that, subject to request, the Cridling News is also available in audio format (tape or CD) or in large print and can be viewed on the village website at www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk.