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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 58   Date 11 July 2009


Youth Activities


Cridling Stubbs Youth Club presented their first-ever theatrical production on Saturday 23rd May in the village hall.  “Cinderella - The Pantomusical” was, quite simply, a magnificent achievement.


The cast of five, Beth Wilson, Alex Roberts, Carl Wilson, Piers Pickard and Charlotte Beal was impressive.  The production crew consisting of Lynda Walker, Bryan Crossdale, Carl Wilson and Bryan Walker had devoted hours of their time to supporting the youngsters and it certainly paid off.  Their dedication and commitment, week in week out, including Saturday evenings at the Youth Club, is second to none and they deserve huge praise.


A particular thank you to the Makeup and Hair ladies, Katie and Janine, you are stars.  Your final touches made all the difference (and soothed some nerves).


The script, music, costumes, props, action, humour and detailed artwork were wonderful.  After the Grand Finale, the stage was strewn with flowers thrown by an appreciative audience, surely an unprecedented event in Cridling Stubbs!  Thank you to all who supported “Cinderella -The Pantomusical” in any way.


A repeat performance in June was equally enjoyed. Sebastian Wilson joined the cast and the multi-tasking Carl Wilson, yet again showed his flexibility.


The next production will be Peter Pan.  If anyone wants to help please call in at the Youth Club on Saturday evenings.  If you have any large unwanted plain sheets or duvet covers please consider donating them to make scenery/ backdrops. If necessary, collection can be arranged at a time to suit you!


For photos of this event, click here


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council


At the Parish Council’s Annual Meeting on 13th May 2009, Jenny Adams was elected Chair and Mick Shepherd the Vice-Chair. 


At the beginning of June 2009, Jenny Adams, Mick Shepherd and Moira Williams resigned, so leaving the  Parish Council without a quorum and unable to operate legally (There must be at least three parish councillors present to hold a legal meeting).


In consequence, Selby District Council intend to co-opt someone temporarily to allow the Parish Council to resume its functions.  Further details will be circulated shortly.  It is anticipated that an Extraordinary Meeting will then be held when outstanding issues such as the playground project, planters, bills and nominations to the Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity can be addressed.


The Parish Council acts as the “voice” for the village and ensures residents are given accurate information.  Contact details for the two remaining Parish Councillors and Clerk are as follows-


Lynda Walker (Clerk) 6 Hanover Green, Cridling Stubbs,  Knottingley, WF11 0AT.

Tel 01977 671099



Bryan Crossdale The Nook, Cobcroft Lane, Cridling Stubbs, Knottingley, WF11 0AZ.

Tel 01977 674031



Carl Wilson Aesculetum, Cobcroft Lane, Cridling Stubbs,  Knottingley, WF11 0AZ

Tel 01977 679188


Should anyone have any queries or would like any further information regarding village matters, Lynda, Bryan or Carl will be only too pleased to help or advise.  If you feel you might like to become a parish councillor please see Lynda for more details.  Parish Council meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every month, except August, in the village hall at 7pm.  All residents are welcome to attend and part of every meeting is for residents to ask questions.  The Agenda for each meeting is posted on the notice board in the village hall grounds 3 days before the meeting is held.  Minutes of meetings can be read on the village website at http://www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk


House Names and Numbers


PCSO Laura Simpson has asked that all householders be contacted to ensure that their house name and/or number is clearly displayed on their property so that, in an emergency, members of the Emergency Services can find the address quickly.




Concern has been expressed about the amount of litter which is being left around the village.  Those responsible for littering are requested to use the bins provided or take it home,  It is a criminal offence to litter. If you are caught the fixed penalty is at least a £50 fine.


Dennis Midgeley


Dennis and his wife Janet came to Cridling Stubbs six years ago for the peace and quiet of village life.  There are those reading this who will never have known Dennis who was, as a result of an accident when he  was young, disabled and went out by car or wheelchair.  What a treat they missed!


Dennis was a true “Scouser” who thrived on visitors, a laugh and a joke or a serious discussion, when it was called for.  His huge tropical fish tanks were a source of joy.  Good music, his collections of books, trains, swords and pocket watches enabled him to feel fulfilled and enjoy his days.  Sitting outside in the better weather, he enjoyed the company of his friends and neighbours for a natter.


It came as a great shock to be diagnosed with terminal cancer last summer and to be given only a short time to live.  He surpassed his doctors’ expectations but suffered greatly.  Janet cared for Dennis wonderfully well at home, with the help of the District Nurses and his time in the Prince of Wales Hospice brought him relief and rest.  When Janet and Dennis renewed their marriage vows in the Hospice Chapel it was a day of love and happiness.  Through the loving care of the staff and Chaplaincy team he found an inner peace and acceptance.  Dennis died peacefully in the Hospice on 18 Feb 2009. RIP.




Congratulations to Alex Roberts who celebrated her First Communion at St Joseph’s Church, Castleford earlier this month.


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall


Recent events have clearly shown that Cridling Stubbs Village Hall really should be saved and restored.  It is the only amenity left in the village and in an emergency situation, is potentially the only refuge in a 3 mile radius.  It forms part of the Cridling Stubbs Emergency Plan and the only place where the young people are able to meet in safety.


The Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Management Committee’s AGM will be held on Tuesday 4th August at 6.30pm.  Trustees of this registered charity will be elected for the forthcoming year.  Please come along and show your support.


In the short term. the toilet block needs another “emergency facelift” (who’s up for a bit of scraping and emulsioning?) and in the long term, it could again be the thriving and viable hub of the village.  Hopefully, 2009 might just be the year the tide turns to assure the future of this Victorian neighbour.


The fourth Produce Show will be held on Sunday 23rd August in the village hall.  Further details will be available shortly.  In the meantime please keep weeding, hoeing, feeding, (legitimate) muck-spreading or whatever it is green fingered folks do to get superb results. 


Eggborough Local Police Station


The Osgoldcross Forum is a local charity, based at Eggborough, consisting of 14 local parish councils, 4 parish meetings and an environmental group.  The Forum specialises in partnership working.  Further details are available on its website at www.osgoldcross.net

Since 2nd May, volunteers recruited by the Osgoldcross Forum have been manning the newly refurbished front desk at Eggborough Local Police Station, making it possible for it to be open to the public and allowing officers time to patrol the villages.  Residents from the area can call in to obtain information on crime prevention, speak to police officers on problems they may have or make appoints to speak to local officers if they are not on duty.


Opening times are:


Monday          10am to 3pm

Tuesday         9am to 4pm

                       and 6pm to 8pm

Wednesday    9am to 1pm

Thursday        6pm to 8pm

Friday             9am to 4pm

Saturday         3pm to 6pm