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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 57   Date 29 January 2009




The twice-daily taxi-bus driven by Robin Columbo of Smeaton Cars is providing  residents with a valuable service.  North Yorkshire County Council are continuing to investigate the possibility of extending this scheme by adding two extra journeys, early morning and later evening.  The initial three-month trial has now been extended until April.


Checks are being carried out on the number of residents who travel on the minibus.   Obviously the more people use this service the more likely it is that the extra journeys will be added.


The taxi-bus leaves Cridling Stubbs Village Hall at 9.30 am and 12.30 pm.  Return trips from Horsefair Taxi Rank in Pontefract leave at 12.00pm and 2.50pm.  This service operates from Monday to Saturday.  The cost is the same as a bus fare and concessionary bus passes can be used.


Rats in the Village


Several residents have reported seeing rats in their gardens and in their houses.  Selby DC Environmental Health department offer the following advice:


Keep all pet food in a rat-proof container.

If you want to throw food out for the wild birds, do so in the morning when rats are more likely to be asleep.

Hang food for birds by a string so that rats cannot climb to get it.

If you put food on a bird table, ensure the legs are smooth so that rats cannot climb them.

Be vigilant and the rats will hopefully move on.


Please report any sightings to Environmental Health on 01757 292114.  Officers will then be able to log the call to see if they can identify a problem and remedy it.


Cridling Memories 

Cridling Stubbs Cricket 1950s

…. continued from last edition


Most of our matches were against local sides from adjacent villages and works sides from the Knottingley area.  We also played at Tickhill (Doncaster) and a team from the Army based at Pontefract Barracks on a home and away basis.  One of the memories are of Cridling Stubbs playing a team representing the Army at the Barracks Field at Pontefract with the Army side desperate to win and an officer shouting at his batsmen from the Pavilion “runs, runs, runs, hit out or come out!”


We just scraped home by a few runs to spoil his day.  The return matches at Cridling Stubbs were quite an attraction with a number of army trucks transporting the soldiers down to the village and parking up adjacent to the Ancient Shepherd.  They must have been good matches to watch.  We also had a great number of girls visiting the village at these times!


I can also recall during a rain-affected match when we were playing a team from Bagley’s in the Sleepy Valley at Knottingley.  Tom Hinkley said “it doesn’t matter what the position is in the match, I’ve got a date and I’m going on the six o’clock South Yorkshire”.  Tom went into bat at just after five o’clock and proceeded to hammer the bowling all round the ground, got his fifty-not-out and ran off the ground with his bat under his arm, caught the six o’clock South Yorkshire and went on to marry his date!


Another time we were playing in a knockout match at Fairburn.  Cridling Stubbs were fielding and we were getting some stick from one of their batsmen with some big hits.  However he tried one hit too many, he tried for a six, it went up in the air towards the boundary ropes.  It came towards me but well out of reach when I heard a voice shout “leave it!”  Dave Frost was running and following the flight of the ball and it looked as though he wouldn’t make it but he then flung himself like a goalkeeper and caught it, one-handed, inches from the ground.  Everybody just looked in disbelief.  One elderly spectator who was sat near where the catch was taken said “I’ve been watching cricket all my life on this ground and I’ve never seen a catch as good as that!”  If it had been on television they would have replayed it for years.


Another time - never underestimate the underdog.  We were playing a team from Whitehouse’s Engineering of Ferrybridge in a knockout competition on the Knottingley Town ground.  Whitehouse’s had a number of quality batsmen in their side and we were going to be lambs to the slaughter.  That was until our fast bowler John Young got to work and blasted them out with some quality fast bowling.


One of our light hearted matches used to be against a team from the shipyard at Knottingley.  We usually played them on a Sunday afternoon at Cridling Stubbs with mine host Arthur Carroll of the Ancient Shepherd providing refreshments between innings.  These were usually served by Arthur’s wife and always included a bucket of ale to share between the teams.


Both this cricket team, which has long been gone, and more recently the village pub, the Ancient Shepherd has closed.  Both of them a big loss to the social side of village life.


by G S Briggs

(Thanks, Stan)


Football in Cridling Stubbs


So just why were the footballers vanquished to the village hall cellar in 1963?  It has been suggested that the kitchen floor and dart board may have been damaged.  The minutes appear to corroborate this, stating “it was decided unanimously to try to cope with the marks on the kitchen floor with more polish rather than buy a covering” and “not to charge the Youth Club for damage to the kitchen walls with darts at the Youth Leader’s suggestion that the Youth Club should repair and repaint the damaged area.”


Maybe the  former football- playing, long-standing Cridling Stubbs resident could enlighten us all with his youth club recollections?  Doubtless he has some interesting memories that could be shared…… (thanking Brian in anticipation)


If you have any historical information, photos or memories you would like to share, please contact Bryan Crossdale.  Great care will be taken of any documents that are loaned for copying and they will be returned almost immediately with a free copy if requested.


Local Deliveries


The POP shop at Womersley Craft Centre, Park Lane have a wide range of  locally sourced food.  For a £2.50 delivery charge they will deliver to your home. They also run a catering service.


Derek and Jules can be contacted on 0113 216 8063 or 01977 620675, emailed at info@popfood.co.uk or visit their website at www.popfood.co.uk


Cridling Stubbs

Play Area Update


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council has been awarded £20,000, yes £20,000, by Epac, Eggborough Power Station’s landfill tax-credit programme.  Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity has awarded £10,000, yes £10,000, towards the project bringing the total funding secured to £30,000. Cridling Stubbs Youth Club are now through to stage two of the Community Spaces scheme, part of The National Lottery, with its application for the remainder of the required funding.   It is hoped that the project will start soon and be completed for the start of the summer holidays.


Thanks to those  who have spent much time in obtaining this fantastic amount of funding.


Play Rangers


Selby Groundwork’s Play Rangers, Rocky and Nicky, will be in the village on alternate Tuesdays between 4.00 and 5.30pm with their  play equipment.  They also have craft supplies, den-making equipment and a giant parachute (no jumping off high buildings, just material to hide under).


If the weather is dry they will be on the grassed area at the north of the village or in the village hall if the weather is inclement.


Anyone from the age of 5 up to 15 can attend the sessions which are free.


Parish Council


The  next Parish Council Meeting is  on Wednesday 11th February 2009 at 7pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.




If anyone is interested in helping the youth club in its preparation for the pantomime production of Cinderella for the next two weeks, please see Lynda Walker.  Tickets will be on sale to the public shortly.  It is expected to be standing room only in the village hall so buy a ticket while they are still available.