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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 56   Date 6th October 2008


Bus (or lack of)

North Yorkshire are currently negotiating  with companies to provide a limited service.  It may be a taxi vehicle but it would not need booking, bus passes could be used and fare-payers would be charged at bus rates.


One student is spending over £20 a week on taxi fares to Knottingley but having to walk home.  Another resident is spending £11 a day on taxi fares whilst yet another is walking to Knottingley every day to enable him to go to his workplace.  These are just three examples of the hardship being caused.


Hopefully the situation will soon improve.  County Councillor Gillian Ivey can be contacted on  01977 620110 for details of any progress.


Dog Owners

It is a well established fact that dog dirt is a health risk and unpleasant when stood in or showered with (as volunteers found out when cutting the grass)!!  The youngsters in Cridling Stubbs also found out when Youth Workers from SDC came to play for an afternoon in August.  The games were restricted by dog dirt on the grass.  It is a offence to allow dogs to foul the pavement or land with public access e.g. the grassed area at the northern end of the village. Fines up to £1,000 can be imposed.


Please PICK UP after your pet.  If you are caught, you really will feel the credit crunch.


Cridling Memories

Cridling Stubbs Cricket 1950s

During the early 1950s the cricket team at Womersley for a number of reasons disbanded.  This resulted in four members of the Womersley Cricket Club joining their nearest rivals at Cridling Stubbs.


The pitch at Cridling Stubbs was located behind the Ancient Shepherd public house, access to the ground was past a row of cottages near the public house and across a pasture field and into a second pasture field which was the village cricket field.  In the north east corner of the field was the pavilion, built by volunteers and members of the cricket club with the usual equipment required to keep the cricket square in shape (ie heavy roller etc) stored adjacent.  The cricket square was surrounded by a battery -operated electric fence to keep grazing livestock from damaging the playing area.  Whilst no livestock would be in the field during matches, fielders had to watch where they were fielding so as not to encounter any items left by livestock at various times.


The main body of the team was formed by the Frost brothers who all originated from Cridling Stubbs.  Most of the games were played at home and were classed as friendly matches.  It was quite usual to play at least three matches a week, one evening and both Saturday and Sunday afternoons as well as evening practice sessions, followed afterwards by the usual team meeting in the Ancient Shepherd.


Opening the batting during the five years I spent at the club were usually Reg Langhorn, who lived in the village, and Eric Chambers who was one of the Womersley Four.  Both of them being very classy batsmen in my opinion.  Following them down the order was captain Wilfred “Wilkie” Frost who was a very good all-rounder and quite a good spin bowler.


Joe Frost was another all-rounder and a tough competitor.  Dave “Tad” Frost was the youngest of the brothers, he was good with bat and ball which included being an aggressive big hitter and a brilliant fielder.  Another big hitter of the ball was Tom Hinkley who was the safe pair of hands of the team being the club’s wicket keeper.  Tom was one of the earlier Womersley players in the side, another was myself Stan  Briggs who played a dead bat and was, maybe, a reasonable fielder.  I was at that particular time the only Knottingley-based player in the side.  Last but not least of the Womersley Four was John Young who claimed many a scalp with his deadly accurate and extremely fast bowling.  Bill Frost was another fast bowler who would bowl for you all day and every day if needed.  “Monty” Frost was a very difficult bowler to play against with his left arm swing bowling keeping most batsmen guessing.  “Mac” Frost who was related to the Frost brothers occasionally played but usually stood as Umpire and kept us all in order.  Many more played for the club in my time.  It was a team who played as a team, we felt we could beat anybody (but didn’t).  Great laughs and great times.


by G S Briggs

to be continued……


Football in Cridling Stubbs

More information is needed about the Cridling Stubbs Football Team.  From December 1961 they used the back room of the village hall to change and then by April 1963 were vanquished to the “large cellar”!  The village hall minutes state “ it was decided unanimously that the kitchen should not be let to the footballers again, and a bolt should be put on the inside of the kitchen door”  Does anyone know what had happened?


The football team may have been part of the youth activities promoted by Mr & Mrs Johnson.  Where did they play? Did YOU or your dad play? Answers please……..


Parish Council

The  next Parish Council Meeting is  on Wed 8th October 2008 at 7pm.  All residents are welcome to attend.


Highgate Farm Meats

Highgate Farm Meats  at Balne rear animals on local pastures to produce high-quality beef and lamb.   They offer a free delivery service to Cridling Stubbs for orders in the region of £20-£25 (useful while there are no buses through the village).  Contact Highgate Farm Meats, Balne, Goole, DN14 0ES or telephone 01405 861929.


Grassy Area

The mowing equipment has now been delivered and volunteers have spent many  (happy) hours getting the grassed areas under control.  The wet weather and now the moles have hindered progress but there has been a remarkable improvement.  Thanks to all involved and especially Carl and Claire Wilson, Bryan and Lynda Walker and Stan Briggs.  More volunteers would be welcomed.


Obstructing the Pavement

Several householders have overhanging trees and bushes which are forcing pedestrians onto the road.  Please be aware, it is a householder’s legal responsibility to prevent their vegetation being a hazard.  Highways North Yorkshire will take action and send you a bill if they have to do the work themselves.


Halloween/Bonfire Night

A combined Halloween and Bonfire celebration will be held on Sunday 2nd November 2008 from 5pm onwards at the end of Cobcroft Lane.  Food and hot drinks will be available. Children are invited to wear fancy dress.


For safety reasons -