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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 54   Date 24th May 2008


Gale Common

Extracts from Flora & Fauna Log Spring 2008


Gale Common’s entry into the British Bird Challenge has got off to a good start, 90 species have been reported so far this year.


Birds of Prey - Buzzards are now a common sight around Gale Common.  Red Kite, Merlin and Peregrine falcons as well as the more common Kestrel and Sparrowhawk have been seen.  A solitary Hen Harrier was reported in January.


Water Birds - Pochards have been more numerous than usual on D Lagoon this winter adding extra variety to the resident duck population of Mallard, Shelduck, Teal and Tufted Duck.  A  very colourful but solitary visitor this year, a Mandarin Duck was seen several times at the end of 2007.  Wigeon have visited several times and a pair of Mute Swans may be the same pair from last year.  The Moorhens and Coots are as numerous as ever and all have a smart ”spring appearance”.


Waders - A pair of Jack snipe were seen during early April, these are much smaller than the more common Common Snipe which are regulars on site.  The sight of Redshank has been commonplace this year, they have been before to Gale Common but never as conspicuous and consistent as this year.  Large flocks of Golden Plover have been using Gale Common as a stopping off point on their winter migration.  The Curlews were back on site early this year, hopefully the Whimbrel will follow suit.


Other birds - Stonechats, Field Fare, Redwing and Snow Bunting have been here most of the winter.


Mammals - Hares are abundant and especially active at this time of year with their well known ritual “boxing activities”.  Roe deer are still thriving on site although there have been fewer reported sightings of Stoats.


Amphibians -  A large deposit of frogspawn was noted in February, although it is not yet known how the tadpoles have fared. This is encouraging as although Toads are abundant here, for some reason, Frogs have been a rarity.


Reptiles -  It is time for the resident Grass Snakes to emerge from hibernation and one example has been found molested by a Heron, Crow or possibly a Buzzard.  They are particularly vulnerable to attack at this time of year as they can be quite lethargic until they have built up their body heat.


Flora - Snowdrops have been and gone, there is abundant Coltsfoot around the ditches and now Lesser Celandine is coming into bloom.  In the woods, Wood Anemones are out and the Bluebells are beginning to come through.  There are a few Cowslips which continue to produce a fine bloom each year.


Bird Survey


Thank you to all those who took the time to fill in the bird survey forms.  Your comments and support are much appreciated.  The results are being processed and in due course will be made available.


Mobile Phones


As the Cridling News goes to print, Lynda Walker has collected an unbelievable 86 mobile phones.  Please keep ‘em coming!  The monies raised will help to make up for the loss of village hall revenue when the Cridling Stubbs yoga class naughtily defected to Kirk Smeaton and then promptly changed the night!


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council

Chairman’s Report 2008


The precept from households in 2007/08 raised £1610, of which £805 was spent on grass cutting.  Other large amounts were spent on insurance, subscriptions to various bodies and room hire.  The full accounts of the Parish Council are available for inspection on request.  Details will be on the notice board soon.


Parish Council representatives and a resident have continued to work with UK Coal and have achieved some success in the cleanliness of the roads and a reduction in the speed of the wagons.


Parish Council representatives and a resident continue to attend regular productive liaison meetings with Darrington Quarries Limited.  A problem with the water table in Darrington East has resulted in a delay in making it available to residents for leisure purposes.


The Parish Council has continued to complain about the condition of the pavements and roads in the village.  To some degree, this has now been addressed by Highways North Yorkshire but their budget is so tight that money prevents more improvements at the moment.


The Parish Council now has a licence to create a playground on the grassed area at the northern end of the village.  Designs are currently being drawn and funding of around £40,000 will be sought in the very near future.


Members of the Parish Council are working very closely through the Osgoldcross Forum with the neighbourhood police team.  Anti-social behaviour and speeding traffic are key items on the agenda.  The Forum has set up a First Responder/ Defibrillation scheme in the village.


The Cridling Stubbs Parish Plan and Design statement that was produced by residents in 2007 is being used by the Parish Council to try to improve the village.


The Cridling Stubbs Education Charity continues to thrive with another 20 awards supporting the youngsters of the village.  The charity funded trips for the young people in the summer of 2007 and December 2007.  It is hoped it will make a donation to the new playground.


The Cridling Stubbs Community Fund has received another £5000 from Darrington Quarries Limited and has awarded £5000 to the Village Hall Committee to pay for environmental improvements during its refurbishment.


The Parish Council will continue to look after the interests of the residents regarding the proposals for wind farms and Eco-towns but, when faced with Government guidelines, its powers are somewhat limited.


Parish Council


The next meeting will be held on Monday 16th June 2008 at 7pm.  Please note the change of date for this month only.  As usual, all residents are more than welcome to attend.


Youth Club


Scripts, costumes, scenery, props, other visual effects and music to stage their very own version  of Cinderella are well under way.  Anyone with experience of amateur dramatics is very welcome to  help with this creation.  Auditions for Baron Hardup are to be held shortly!




Some older residents of the village may be entitled to free cavity wall and loft insulation.  Stan Briggs at 51 Wrights Lane has full details.  For every household taking up the offer Stan receives £10 which he will spend on village planting.


Dog Fouling


Don’t be foul and don’t let your dog foul.  PICK IT UP or face up to £1000 fine!

To report dogs roaming the streets unattended contact the Dog Warden 01757 292123 or e-mail envfeedback@selby.gov.uk


Educational Trust Fund


Application forms for awards from Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity 2008 are to be distributed shortly.  They should be returned to Moira Williams at 37 Croft Lea before 1st September 2008.  Late applications cannot be accepted.


Citizen’s Advice Bureau


A representative from Selby’s Citizens Advice Bureau will be present at the Parish Council meeting on 9th July to give a short presentation on what help the organisation can offer.  All residents are welcome.