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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 51   Date 11 October 2007



Cridling Stubbs Produce Show


So readers, what happened to your entries this year?  The awful weather this summer put paid to many fruits, vegetables and flowers but where was all the wonderful baking as seen in 2006?


The best scone award went, with much hilarity, to a lady from outside the village. Rumour has it that her family thought they were the worst she had ever made and felt obliged to buy them back so as not to inflict them on anyone else!  Although Moira Williams’ apple pie came in for some rather unkind comments, her chocolate cake won first prize.


Mr Hallam still managed to win best cabbage award despite his son mistakenly cutting, for his dinner, the one he had been carefully nurturing.  This seasoned gardener also guaranteed his beans “string-free” and there have been no reports to the contrary.


Lynda Walker’s excellent jam won the trophy for the best adult exhibit.


Naturally, the children’s entries were a delight.  The edible garden, glittery garden, activity garden and relaxing garden were particularly creative.  The decorated egg category included the free-range “Princess Eggborough” and her escort “Farmer Giles”.


All successful entries received certificates which had been printed by the Osgoldcross Forum.   The entries were judged by Councillor Ivey, her Selby District Council colleague Councillor Sue Ryder and resident Gloria Byram.  Many thanks to them for accepting the invitation to take on the judging.  This proved to be quite tricky but all the judges said they enjoyed it.


First prize in the raffle was won by Councillor Gillian Ivey.


Thank you to all who supported this event in any way which raised around £90 for village hall running costs.


Educational Trust Fund 2007


The trustees of the  Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity  have allocated over twenty awards.  Young people have benefitted in a variety of ways including uniforms, university fees, travel costs, music lessons and school trips.  £100 was allocated to the youth club to fund some trips.


Thanks are due to these unpaid volunteers who give up a lot of time to administer these awards.  Without their efforts none of these awards could be allocated.


Obstructing the Pavement


Further to the complaints which the Parish Council has received about garden vegetation overhanging pavements.  Thank you to those residents who have taken up their secateurs or  tree loppers and had a pruning session.  Please be aware, it is a householder’s legal responsibility to prevent their vegetation being a hazard.  Highways North Yorkshire will take action and send you a bill  if they do the work themselves.


Some cars and vans are still  being parked illegally on pavements creating obstructions.  PC Morton and PCSO Laura Walton will take action against offenders using their “yellow card” system.


The local Neighbourhood Policing Team are working hard to reduce nuisance and anti-social behaviour in the area.  They can be contacted on 0845 60 60 247


Youth Activities


The children who took part in  the Dance & Drama Workshops held in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall had a fun-filled time.  Miss Rosie, the Chester University performing arts student, taught a variety of contemporary dances. Thank you to Miss Rosie and her roadie for giving up their time and expertise to benefit the youngsters.


Parish Council


The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th November at 7pm.  As usual, all residents are more than welcome to attend.


Village Planting


Thanks to Stan and Jean Briggs who have recently planted hundreds of bulbs at the north entrance to the village.  If anyone would like to improve other areas please make yourself known.


Proposed Wind Farm


A village meeting is to be organised shortly.  It is hoped members of the company that wants to build the wind farm off Sudforth Lane will attend to answer questions on the proposals.




In an attempt to keep youngsters safe, off the streets and prevent the problems which “trick or treating” can cause, a Halloween party will be held in the Village Hall. This will be held on Wednesday 31st October from 6.30 - 8.30pm.  All residents are invited to join in the activities and if they wish to contribute “seasonal” treats these would be very much appreciated.


Whitby Trip


It is proposed to run a trip  to Whitby on Saturday 27th October 2007 which is during the Whitby Gothic Festival.  The mini-bus will leave at 7am from Cridling Stubbs Village Hall and be back in the village around 8pm. Seats for adults are £3 and for children under 16, who must be accompanied, £2.  For further details and to pay for your seats please see Lynda Walker before the 20th October.