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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 50   Date 6th August 2007



Village Trips


Please note that the trip to Tropical World and Roundhay Park, scheduled for Monday 13th August, will now take place on Thursday 16th August.


The trips to Burnby Hall near Pocklington and Cannon Hall Farm have been successful.  A group of adults enjoyed the National Collection of Hardy Water Lilies at Burnby Hall - the biggest such collection to be found in a natural setting in Europe. The lilies are at their best at this time of year. Refreshments from various tearooms and hostelries kept spirits high.


A roving young reporter described her day. At Cannon Hall Farm everyone was feeding the goats, turkeys, llamas, cows, donkeys and the rest of the animals.  We took lots of things on the minibus with us.  We played in the river and we played cricket.”


Many thanks to Lynda Walker who has worked very hard to ensure these outings are successful.


South Yorkshire Motors


From Monday 30th July 2007 South Yorkshire Motors have  been operating hourly services.  Metro timetables are available from Lynda Walker.


As a matter of urgency could residents please ensure that trees on their property do not overhang the road.  The bus drivers are having difficulty getting double-decker buses through Wrights Lane.


Youth Activities


The youth club will continue to run on Saturday evenings in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall throughout the summer. Additional adult volunteers are always welcome, especially over the holiday period.


A reminder that the children’s entries for the Cridling Stubbs Produce Show on 18th August include the following categories:


34. one decorated bun

35. miniature garden on a tray

36. most items in a matchbox

37. decorated hardboiled egg


Trays and matchboxes are available from the youth club.


Each child’s entry costs 25p to enter. Children’s items will be returned.


Parents of children wishing to take part in the Dance & Drama Workshops to be held in the village hall should contact Miss Rosie on 07835 ********* if they require more information.  The sessions will be held every Tuesday in August from 6.00pm to 7.00pm.  Entry to each session, including refreshments, costs £1.


Village Vandals


A reminder that to report instances of anti-social behaviour /criminal damage, please ring NY Police on 0845 60 60 247.  Don’t let a few mindless idiots cause damage to our village.  Report them!


 Educational Trust Fund


Application forms for awards from Cridling Stubbs Educational Charity 2007 have been distributed.  They should be returned to Moira Williams at 37 Croft Lea before 1st September 2007.  Late applications cannot be accepted.


Obstructing the Pavement


The Parish Council has received several complaints about vegetation from gardens overhanging the pavements in the village.  Cars parked on pavements, illegally, are also creating obstructions.  PCs Morton and Himsworth, as well as our award-winning Police Community Support Officer, Laura Walton, have been asked to take action.


Talking News


Issues of The Cridling News are now produced on CD’s as Talking News for anyone unable to read the printed version.  Back issues are available on the village website at www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk/cridlingnews.htm


Parish Council


There is no planned Parish Council meeting in August.  The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council is on Wednesday 12th September 2007 at 7.00pm.   As usual, all residents are invited to attend.


Police Message


Following incidents in Eggborough, Kirk Smeaton, Little Smeaton, Kellington and Darrington where bogus workmen have been targeting elderly people, the police are urging residents to be cautious.


“Bogus Caller Packs” have been distributed to the elderly and vulnerable.  If anyone else would like one of these information packs please ask Bryan Crossdale at The Nook or a Neighbourhood Police Officer.


Whether you are home or away - you are advised to keep front and back doors locked. Most people who call at your home will be genuine but you should always be aware when someone you don’t know calls at your door.


Before you open the door, check who it is.  If you decide to open the door then put the door chain on first.  Do not let anyone into your house until you are absolutely sure they are genuine. If you have any doubts, keep them out.  If you believe callers are bogus, ring Selby Police Station immediately on 999.


The Parish Council is currently working to make the village a “no cold-calling zone”.


Dog Fouling Information from Selby District Council


At a recent JAG (Joint Action Group) meeting, one of the issues that was raised was about dog fouling in the area and the question was asked ‘what can we do to tackle the problem’.  What many people don’t know is that you can use standard litter bins to dispose of any dog waste if it is bagged up.  We will shortly be placing signs on some of the local litter bins to inform people of this.  In the meantime we will continue to make every effort to apprehend offenders.  For the best results, it is essential that if you have any information, you pass it on to the Dog Warden without delay.  If we can identify the offender, we can take the following action:


1. Verbal or written warning.  In this case the witness would not be identified.


2. Formal action.  In this case, the witness must be prepared to give a written statement and appear in court if needed. The witness must be able to identify the owner and the dog and also give details of the date, time and circumstances of the offence.   Photographic or video evidence is not essential but can be helpful in proving that the offence did take place. Any independent witness should also be identified.


More information.  We have adopted the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996. Under this legislation it is an offence to fail to clear up the mess made by a dog which is in your charge on any designated land in Selby District. The maximum penalty for this offence is a fine of £1000.


Designated land in Selby District is all land in the open air to which the public have a right of access either by payment or not. Exceptions to designated land, where there is no offence are:


-carriageways with a speed limit greater than 40 mph and the land running alongside them.


-agricultural land or woodlands marshland, moor or heath rural common land.


Note - The following will not be considered as a suitable excuse:


-being unaware of the fouling


-not being with the dog at the time, or not having any suitable equipment to remove the mess.


This means that we have the potential to prosecute owners who let their dogs roam unattended.


To report an incident contact the Dog Warden on 01757 292123 or e-mail envfeedback@selby.gov.uk.  To report dog fouling that needs to be cleared up or dog and litter bins that need to be emptied, please contact the Cleanstreets Hotline on 01757 292044 or e-mail cleanstreets@selby.gov.uk