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Parish Meeting or Parish Council


Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting’s application to become a Parish Council has been approved by Selby District Council.  Further discussion will take place at the next Parish Meeting on 1st October with officers from Selby DC, when any questions you may have can, hopefully, be answered.


Darrington Quarries


Darrington Quarries Ltd are about to apply for planning consent to extend their complex.  Copies of the draft proposals have been shown in the village hall and four copies are in the possession of the resident members of the Liaison Committee.  Any views or comments are most welcome by these four Committee Members.


Village Hall


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall is currently being cleaned and painted to make it more usable.  A new committee has been formed to manage the hall.  It is hoped that local residents will book the hall in order to help it survive.


Next Parish Meeting


The next Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 1st October at 7.30pm in the newly-decorated village hall.  Items on the agenda include the Education Trust Fund, grass cutting, bus shelter and the issue of the Parish Meeting becoming a Parish Council.  Everyone is very welcome to attend.


Children’s Library


Enough children’s books have now been donated for this project to begin shortly.  It is hoped that “afternoon tea meetings” can be held at the same time for adults, with or without children, to call in and have a chat and a cuppa.


Web Update


There has been lots of interest in the Cridling Stubbs web page from as far afield as London and even New Zealand. Family historians have been researching the Addy, France and Smith families who lived here many years ago. They are using this site to make an appeal for further information.


The organisers of this site would be grateful to anyone prepared to lend their old village photos, for a few minutes, so they can be enjoyed by a world-wide audience.


“A Better Village” Survey


Please return any of your outstanding forms as soon as possible.