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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 48   Date 18 May 2007



In Memoriam

Mr Richard (Dick) Copley

Died 7th April 2007


Born in Cridling Stubbs in 1912, Dick Copley lived here for 90 years until he moved to a nearby care home.


He was christened in the “Tin Church” which was situated between the Ancient Shepherd and Fern Cottage. During the Second World War, he joined the Army and served in France and Italy.


Most of his life was spent working in the quarries.  He was a very keen and knowledgeable gardener and enjoyed shooting and all other country pursuits.


His memory was remarkable and he was able to relate the many changes that had taken place in the village throughout his life.


Village Hall


With regard to rebuilding the hall, the Village Hall Committee has been successful in obtaining funding for a feasibility study and architects plans. “Awards For All”, part of the National Lottery, have awarded £5,850 for this purpose.  Cridling Stubbs Village Hall is a registered charity whose AGM will be held on Monday 21st May at 6pm.


Cridling Stubbs Youth Club


Saturday evenings continue with youth activities.  Painting birthday banners provided lots of (very messy) fun although one child went home and said she had been painting “birthday bannisters”!  Thanks to the youth club members (both young and not-so-young) who decorated the hall for a birthday party.


Police Volunteers


If you have a few hours a week to spare and would like to make a difference in improving the local community, you may be interested in a new scheme to become a Community Police Volunteer.  This unpaid voluntary work will take place at the new information centre at Eggborough Police House.


New District Councillors


Gillian Ivey and Sue Ryder were elected as Selby District Councillors for the Whitley ward earlier this month.  They are committed to improving facilities and services for the residents of Cridling Stubbs and other villages in this ward.


Contact details-


Gillian Ivey, The Chapel, Little Smeaton, Pontefract, WF8 3LR

Tel - 01977  620110

Email - givey@selby.gov.uk


Sue Ryder, Poplar Farm, Highgate, Balne, DN14 0ES

Tel - 01405 861911

Email- suryder@selby.gov.uk


F.A.O. Gardeners


A reminder to the green-fingered to get planting in preparation for the Cridling Stubbs Produce Show to be held on Saturday 18th August.


It has been noted that the village planting displays have looked rather neglected of late.  If there is anyone out there who would like to generally maintain and water them, please make yourself known.  There is some funding available for plants should insufficient be donated.  So if you crave a particular colour scheme or theme to brighten up the village, now is your chance to make a difference!


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council

Chairman’s Report 2007


The precept from households in 2006/07 raised £1260, of which £750 was spent on grass cutting.  Other large amounts were spent on insurance, subscriptions to various bodies and room hire.  The full accounts of the Parish Council are available for inspection on request.  Details will be on the new notice board soon.


The bus service has again been a cause for concern over the past year.  Arriva Yorkshire has withdrawn its service completely.  However, South Yorkshire Motors have begun a two-hourly service with the possibility of extra buses later in the year.  The South Selby Village Bus provides a service to Pontefract in the morning and returns in the late afternoon.


Parish Council representatives and a resident have continued to work with UK Coal to find a solution to the often-filthy road passed the village. However, the tone of the meetings is unfriendly to say the least.


Parish Council representatives and a resident continue to attend regular productive liaison meetings with Darrington Quarries Limited.  Darrington East will be available to residents for leisure purposes after this growing season.


The Parish Council has continued to complain about the condition of the pavements in the village.  This is now finally being addressed by Highways North Yorkshire.


Members of the Parish Council are working very closely through the Osgoldcross Forum with the neighbourhood police team.  Anti-social behaviour and speeding traffic are key items on the agenda.


The Cridling Stubbs Parish Plan and Design statement has been completed by residents with the full support and financial backing of the Parish Council.

The Cridling Stubbs Education Charity continues to thrive with another 21 awards supporting the youngsters of the village.


The Cridling Stubbs Community Fund has made several awards to local projects and is currently working on a large application by the Village Hall Committee.


New Parish Council


Having served for 4 years, Shaun Longley has stood down as a Parish Councillor.  Thank you to Shaun for his contribution to the Parish Council.


The Parish Council, which was elected unopposed, now consists of:


Jenny Adams, 675358

Bryan Crossdale, 674031

Mick Shepherd, 671269

Moira Williams, 675383

and Carl Wilson, 679188.


The Parish Clerk is Lynda Walker, 671099.


At the May Annual General Meeting, Bryan Crossdale was elected Chairman and Jenny Adams Vice-chairman for the following year.


The next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Wednesday 13th June at 7pm.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.




A car parked in Hanover Green on 27th April, was broken into and vandalised resulting in the vehicle being “written off”.


Please contact PC5 Tony Morton on 0845 60 60 247 (60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) if you witnessed this incident or have any information which may help catch the culprits.  Tony is our Dedicated Neighbourhood Policeman.