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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 47   Date 9 April 2007





Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Committee would like to thank those who supported the auction on Sunday 1st April.  This event raised over £200 for the village hall restoration fund.


A visitor who travelled from a nearby village could not understand why, apart from the village hall committee members and their families, only three Cridling Stubbs residents actually attended this event.  She was staggered no one was interested in the bargain services (gutter clearing, dog walking, babysitting, car maintenance, gardening, private tuition in English, maths or computers) that were on offer.  Quality products including Ercol furniture, exercise equipment, ceramics and Art Deco glassware went for a song.  Youngsters who took part in  the bidding process had great fun and developed a useful skill.  Hopefully their parents have been able to accommodate their offspring’s purchases.  If not, they could always return them for the next auction!


Thank you to the village hall team for organising this event.  They continue to spend a lot of time and energy attempting to keep the hall viable.  Several funding bids are under way to improve the hall, the outcome of which is ultimately dependant upon the community support available.  Unfortunately, on this showing it would seem there is not much.




Worried about Theft or Burglary?


Smartwater is an easy to use forensic coding security system which deters criminals from stealing your property because they know they can be caught and convicted.


How does Smartwater work?


Smartwater is a clear liquid solution which carries a unique forensic code and is even stronger and more accurate than DNA.  Simply apply Smartwater to nooks and crannies of your belongings and it is virtually impossible to remove completely.  Clearly displayed warning labels in your windows informs the criminal your property is protected.  You can use it on anything from garden equipment to pedal cycles.


Criminals know about Smartwater and they hate it.


The composition of Smartwater means that criminals can be directly linked to crime, even long after it has occurred.  Over 400 criminals have been caught and convicted so far and Smartwater has a 100% conviction rate.  Criminals know that Smartwater property is too hot to handle.


Smartwater in Selby District


Police have been issued with Smartwater detection equipment and will be checking suspected stolen or recovered property.  Every person who is arrested in North Yorkshire will be scanned for traces of Smartwater along with any property they may have in their possession.




North Yorkshire Police are promoting the use of Smartwater in the Selby District. If you would consider using smart water in your property please register your details (name, address & contact telephone number) at smartwater@northyorkshire.pnn.police.uk or send your details to Community Crime Reduction Project, Tadcaster Police Station, Tadcaster, Leeds. LS24 9JR.


UK Coal’s Womersley Tip


Many residents have noticed and complained about the height of the coal slurry being tipped at Womersley tip.  Somehow, UK Coal was granted permission to raise the height of tipping by an extra 5 metres in the year 2000.  At that time, the North Yorkshire County Council’s Officer’s Report to the Planning Committee stated that Womersley Parish Council and Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting (as it was then) had made no observations on the application.  No relevant correspondence or records in the Minute Book can be found.  Cridling Stubbs Parish Council (as it is now) is currently attempting to clarify the situation but it is unsure if anything can be done to stop it.


Village Hall


It has been reported recently that two local youths have been seen glue-sniffing in the grounds at the back of the village hall.  The gate to the grounds has recently had to be kept locked to curb this sort of behaviour.  Would parents please note that PC5 Tony Morton, the local police officer, has been requested to remove any unauthorised persons from the grounds, especially if they are drinking, drug-taking or participating in any other illegal or anti-social activity.


PC Morton can be contacted on 0845 6060247.


All Change on the Buses


Sunday 22nd April is the last day that Arriva buses will provide a service in Cridling Stubbs.  The 414 service will travel from Womersley to Darrington and then on to Pontefract missing out the village completely.  North Yorkshire County Councillor Gillian Ivey is looking into the possibility of South Yorkshire Motors taking over the route.  The alternative is to use the South Selby Village Bus to run the evening service.


Councillor Ivey can be contacted on 01977 620110 or emailed at



Cridling Stubbs Youth Club


Moving the youth club to Saturday evenings seems to be successful.  The youngsters have been enjoying the latest consignment of games including Operation and Junior Monopoly.  An eight-strong posse spent Easter Monday morning hunting for clues around the village which would lead them to a chocolaty finale.  Judging by their determination to track down the goodies it could well be that there are some budding detectives in the village.  Fortunately, all eight of the children finally returned to the village hall.


Despite jokes about “Open All Hours”, the acquisition of a “real” cash register has made life easier in the tuck shop.  Which volunteer resembles Granville and Arkwright is still being decided!


Parish Council Elections


Parish Council as well as District Council elections are due to take place on 3rd May 2007.  However, as there were only five nominations for the five positions of parish councillor in Cridling Stubbs, only District Council elections will take place here.


Talking News


Issues of The Cridling News are now produced on CD’s as Talking News for anyone unable to read the printed version.  Back issues are available on the village website at



Parish Council


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council is on Wednesday 11th April 2007 at 7.00pm.  This is the last in this “term of office”  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.