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The Cridling News

Issue Number: 46   Date 18 February 2007




Mrs Johnson, died 20th December 2006


Mrs Irene Johnson was a resident of Cridling Stubbs from 1954. Irene took a very active part in all village activities. She served on the Village Hall and Produce Show Committees for many years.


Her biggest contribution to village life was when she ran the Youth Club for more than 25 years, despite being disabled through polio and at first, still in a wheelchair. She was supported by her husband Bill. The Cridling Stubbs Youth Club was one of the most successful in the Selby area and its members came from all the surrounding villages. The drama group which she organised was extremely good and won a number of trophies for their productions. Cridling Stubbs Youth Club also had a good football and cricket team. Mr and Mrs Johnson organised trips both at home and abroad. She is remembered fondly by ex-members.


Irene suffered many years of illness with cheerfulness, courage and fortitude and will be sadly missed by family and friends.


New Notice Board


Due to vandalism in the village hall grounds, the gates have to be kept locked. This means that residents cannot see the notice boards. However the Village Hall Committee has just received a grant from the South Selby CIP group for £182 for a new notice board which can be fixed to the boundary wall.


Selby District Council Out of Hours Response


Selby District Council has issued the following information about its out of hours telephone number and what it should be used for.

The telephone number for this service is 01977 663425. It should be used in the following circumstances.


1. Flooding

a) Any severe flood warning, flood warning or flood watch issued by the Environment Agency

b) Major drainage problem resulting in flooding of property.


2. Calls from Emergency Services in relation to emergency situations, e.g. Fire Service for chemical spills, emissions from fires, Police following an accident.


3. Any situation causing a threat to public health. e.g. a food poisoning notification, meningitis alert, crypto alert.


4. Discarded syringes/needles.


5. Burglar Alarm (or Car Alarm) complaints at any time between Friday 4.30pm and 6.00pm Sunday or Bank Holidays (note: during Bank Holiday weekends, complaints will be accepted after 6.00pm on the Sunday).


6. Acute noise nuisance complaints between Friday 4.30pm and 6.00pm Sunday or Bank Holidays (note: during Bank Holiday weekends, complaints will be accepted after 6.00pm on the Sunday) that meet the following criteria;

a) Major noise events affecting substantial numbers of people and continuing after 2.00am that are not the subject of an on-going complaint with the District Council.

b) Noisy neighbours e.g.: music/parties if disturbing adjoining property and continuing after 2.00am that are not the subject of an on-going complaint with the District Council.


7. Blocked and overflowing drains/private sewers where flooding of garden/property is occurring.




South Yorkshire Motors are now running an additional service through the village between Pontefract and Doncaster. There have been a few teething troubles but the owner of the company would like to know of any problems. These can be passed on through a parish councillor.


Cridling Stubbs Produce Show


Due to the success of last year’s event, Cridling Stubbs Produce Show 2007 will be held on Saturday 18th August. This early notification gives you a chance to get growing, preserving and baking. A flyer containing the categories and rules will be distributed shortly.


Greenish Fingers


The next meeting of the Greenish Fingers gardening club will take place in the village hall on Tuesday 20th February at 7.00pm. A meeting for all allotment holders will take place prior to this at 6.30pm.

The gardening club is about to organise another litter pick around the village (somebody’s got to do it). Unfortunately, due to health and safety reasons, only adults can take part. Anyone who is interested in tidying up the village should contact Lynda Walker.


Womersley Road Level Crossing


Network Rail have finally answered the Parish Council’s letter complaining about the hold-ups at Womersley Road Level Crossing, Knottingley. According to Network Rail, the problem is that a freight operating customer has been making unscheduled stops to allow for “train driver relief” without notifying Network Rail.


It is hoped that the situation will improve, especially as the weather becomes warmer!


Network Rail have now asked the freight operator to review their policy and adopt a solution to prevent this happening in the future.


Dog Fouling


The village has recently seen an increase in dog fouling. Please read the enclosed information about what to do to solve this extremely anti-social problem.




This guidance note explains the law regarding dog fouling and what can be done to deal with offenders.




This national legislation replaced local byelaws and makes it an offence not to clean up after a dog on land in the open air with public access.  The only exceptions are:

carriageways with a speed limit greater than 40mph and the land running alongside them.

agricultural land or woodlands.

Marshland, moor or heath.

rural common land


The old byelaws only covered pavements and grass verges but the new law effectively covers all public places.  The maximum penalty for offenders has been raised to £1000.


Dog owners - please note that bagged dog waste may be placed in wheelie bins and litterbins.




The majority of responsible dog owners are being let down by the irresponsible few. Dog fouling is anti-social and can pose a risk to health, particularly with children.  It is the Council’s policy to prosecute offenders but evidence must be good and there must he a realistic prospect of conviction for a case to proceed.


As a concerned member of the community you can make a difference by identifying offenders, I will then take the necessary action.


If you see dog fouling taking place (the owner does not have to be present) make a note about the time, date and exact place of the offence.  You must be close enough to the dog to confirm beyond all doubt that it made the mess.  Make sure that it was not a bitch urinating. If the owner cleans up the mess there is no offence.  Photographs and videotapes are not essential but they make good evidence.  The owner will have to be identified but you do not have to challenge them if they are already known to you.




Contact me at SELBY DISTRICT COUNCIL OFFICES telephone: 01757 282123 or Mobile 07970 595189 and I will visit you to give advice or take a statement.  You should be aware that your name appears on the statement but not your address. The offender will receive a copy of your statement if formal action is taken.  When we have received a court date, the offender will decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty. Usually offenders plead guilty and it is not necessary for witnesses to attend court.  If there is a plea of not guilty, you will be asked to appear and give evidence in court.  Although this sounds daunting, cases are usually heard in under 20 minutes from start to finish so you would only be in the witness box for a few minutes.  This course of action will not cost you any money at all and you will have the satisfaction of helping to make your village a cleaner and healthier place to live.


I hope that this information is useful and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help.  If you have any queries, contact me at the above number and I will be pleased to answer your questions.


Bill Parker — Dog Warden


Cridling Stubbs Youth Club


Youth activities have now moved to their new regular evening of Saturday between 6.00 and 8.00pm. It is hoped that a fully-qualified youth leader will soon be appointed to oversee these sessions.




Parish Council as well as District Council elections will take place on 3rd May 2007. If you are interested in standing at these elections to become a parish councillor, please ask the parish clerk, Lynda Walker, for more information.


Talking News


Issues of The Cridling News are now produced on CD’s as Talking News for anyone unable to read the printed version. Back issues are available on the village website at www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk/cridlingnews.htm


UK Coal and The Big Stink


UK Coal have flatly refused to accept any responsibility for the stench that enveloped the village in 2004. If you are interested in taking UK Coal to the small claims court for compensation, please inform a parish councillor.


Parish Council


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council is on Wednesday 14th March 2007 at 7.00pm. As usual, all residents are invited to attend.