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  Greenish Fingers


Armed with a variety of tools, members of the gardening club managed to pick a scorching hot afternoon to attack the weeds, litter and knee high grass in the village hall grounds.  With green bins groaning and a  trailer-full to the tip, the area was soon tidied up. A big “thank you” to all who gave their time and energy.


Greenish Fingers has just received £280 of funding which will be used for further projects.  Shortly, some of this money will fund  a makeover in the village hall grounds with planters and hanging baskets  to brighten up the village.


The next meeting of Greenish Fingers will be held on Tuesday 1st August 2006 at 7pm in the village hall.


Prize Bingo


The next prize bingo session will be held on Tuesday 11th July and then (hopefully) every fortnight afterwards at 6.30pm.


Parish Council


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council is on Wednesday July 12th 2006.  The new  local neighbourhood police constable, Karen Wilson, will be present to give an update on recent changes.   As usual, all residents are invited to attend.  Please note that no Parish Council meeting is scheduled for August.


Youth Activities


Thanks to all those residents, both children and adults, who were involved with planting the stone sign and wooden planter at each end of the village.  Also, for the colourful artwork used in the village hall to accompany the World Cup.


World Cup Football


“Big Screen Football” on an 8 feet screen came briefly to the village hall whilst England were still in the World Cup 2006 tournament.  The crowd, although small, was very vocal.


Keep practising the penalties, England and better luck next time!


Cridling Stubbs Educational Trust Fund


The capital raised from the sale of the old Cridling Stubbs School was used to set up an Educational Trust Fund by North Yorkshire County Council.  This Trust Fund is a registered charity whose trustees are local people.  Every year the charity makes £3000 available for awards for educational uses.


Forms to apply for this year’s awards are being distributed this week.  Anyone wishing to apply and has not received a form by the weekend should see Councillor Jenny Adams at 55 Wrights Lane.


Please note that applications must be returned before Sunday 25th August 2006.  Due to the heavy demand on this fund, applicants may not receive the full amount that they apply for.


Smelly Drains


Some residents have complained to the Parish Council that their drains are smelly, especially after heavy rain.  If this is the case for your draIns, please put it in writing to a parish councillor or the clerk (a scrap of paper with your address is enough) so that Yorkshire Water can be approached about this problem.


Gale Common


Spring 2006 Flora and Fauna extracts-


Birds of Prey such as merlins and buzzards are being seen on a regular basis.  Curlews are back on the site and also a pair of whimbrels (a similar but smaller species of bird) have been sighted.  These are new to the Gale Commmon site.  Another first occurred on a very wet day in early May when three avocets were seen on a lagoon.  These graceful-looking waders, which are a protected species, are rarely seen in this part of the country.


A couple of cormorants have been regularly seen diving and surfacing with sticklebacks in their bills.


Over the last few weeks hares and stoats have been  regularly sighted as have a family of fox cubs.  Roe deer are still about but it is mostly solitary stags that are seen at present.  Since the last Flora & Fauna log there have been no sightings of any common frogs.  This is slightly disappointing as one was seen very early in the year and it was hoped they might, at last, begin to colonise the site.  Toads abound and have done so for many years but frogs are rare.


Photography Club


Anyone interested in setting up a photography club in the village should see Councillor Mick Shepherd at 37 Croft Lea.