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Cyber Stubbs


The World Wide Web came to Cridling Stubbs recently with the launch of a new web site; www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk  Anyone with information about the village (past or present), who wants free advertising or who wants to get involved with the site can submit it via the web site or contact Roger Chapman at Fern Cottage, Wrights Lane.


Parish Meeting or Parish Council


All residents in the parish recently had the chance to vote on the idea of the Parish Meeting becoming a Parish Council.  The result was that 68 votes were received to become a Parish Council and 6 votes were received to retain the status quo.  All the returned information has now been sent to Selby District Council to obtain their view on the matter.


Environment Agency


Following our complaints, Inspectors have continued their out-of-hours visits to the landfill site.  They have found clinical waste that was not disposed of correctly and waste that was insufficiently covered when the site was closed.  The company have been issued with THREE enforcement notices on two separate occasions in the last three weeks.  These are orders by the Environment Agency to put these matters right within a short length of time.


Remember 0800 807060 (freephone) to report smells and dust at any time or uncovered rubbish when the site is shut.


Children’s Library


Donations of children’s books have already been received to enable a trial of this project to begin shortly.  If you have any children’s book you want to donate, please contact Lisa Smith or Claire Crossdale to have them collected.


Next Parish Meeting


The next Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 13th August at 7.30pm in the village hall.  Items on the agenda are to include the future of the Village Hall, traffic calming in the village, a Darrington Quarries Liaison Committee update, grass cutting, funding for the village, the Eggborough Power Station pipeline and the issue of the Parish Meeting becoming a Parish Council.  Everyone is very welcome to attend.


Forthcoming Events


As announced in the last issue, a “Social Evening” is to be held at The Ancient Shepherd.  Proceeds from the evening will help to fund the cost of campaigning against some of the disturbing activities at the Darrington Quarries Complex (e.g. photos, printing, telephone calls, and petrol).  Good progress is being made but more money is needed to sustain the pressure.  This Event will be held on Wednesday, 18 September 2002.  The main attraction will be the vocal and guitar-playing talents of John Aston.  Tickets are available from The Ancient Shepherd or The Ancient Man (Bryan Crossdale), priced at £2.50.  Come along, you might even enjoy yourself.