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Greenish Fingers


The haul from the recent litter pick around the village included 5 sacks of rubbish, a metal road sign, an exhaust pipe and some large pieces of wood.  Well done to all those volunteers who trawled ditches, verges and gutters  to make a significant difference to  the appearance of the village.


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 6th June 2006 at 7pm.


Women’s Institute


A local branch of the Women’s Institute will shortly be set up in the village hall.  Anyone interested in joining should contact Claire Wilson or Carolyn Mortimer at Aesculetum, Cobcroft Lane.


Parish Council


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council is on Wednesday 7th June 2006, a week earlier than scheduled.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.


Village Hall


Thanks to the diligence of the Management Committee for spotting the  opportunity to make a bid for some local authority funding, the Village Hall is now the proud owner of some brand new furniture.  Gone are the scruffy, paint-splattered and woodworm-infested chairs and tables.  In their place are bright, shiny colour co-ordinated modern ones which will  provide greater flexibility and comfort.


Several local businesses have responded positively to the appeal for donations or other kind of support to aid fund raising efforts to improve the village hall.  Thank you to Morrisons for their donation of a luxury box of chocolates, Gala Bingo for the sandwich toaster, Tesco for the voucher and Wilkinsons.  It is, as yet, undecided how  the donation by Wilko’s in Pontefract of 5 invisible bras, 18 triangular sink tidies, 1 indoor washing line and 5 plastic lids (no boxes) can most productively be used.


The first Prize Bingo session, held on 9th May, raised £40 for Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Restoration Fund.  This event was much enjoyed by residents of all ages who went home clutching a variety of essentials (soap powder, toilet rolls or gardening gloves) and goodies (chocolates, bath oils, candles).  This week, unfazed by a “technical hitch” with the bingo machine, the caller improvised with a carrier bag! (The machine will be repaired for next week.)  £44 was raised for the same good cause. You may think you hate Bingo, but if you fancy a laugh maybe you could give it a try and join in. You could be pleasantly surprised!!!


The next session is on Tuesday 30th May starting at 6.30pm and finishing about 8.30pm.


Chairman’s Report 2006


Cridling Stubbs Parish Council has been working to obtain permission to build a children’s playground on the grassed area at the north of the village.  North Yorkshire County Council’s Legal Department are ready to issue this permission as soon as the neighbouring landowners state they have no objection.  One landowner has already signed to say this; the other landowner has told me verbally that they have no objection.  Hopefully, that has now been put in writing.  Plans and prices for this project have already been obtained and the children’s views sought.


The bus service has been a cause for concern over the past year.  The possibility of further cutbacks was withdrawn after consultation with the Parish Council.  We are now working towards a more reliable service.


Parish Council representatives and a resident have been working with UK Coal to find a solution to the often-filthy road passed the village.  The colliery manager now attends the Liaison Committee and is willing to listen to any problems residents may have.


Parish Council representatives and a resident attend regular liaison meetings with Darrington Quarries Limited to discuss and attempt to solve any problems.  Darrington East has now been seeded and trees planted.  This area will be available to residents for leisure purposes shortly.


The condition of the pavements, potholes in the roads and dangerous junctions are currently being addressed by Highways North Yorkshire.


The financial situation of the Parish Council over the previous financial year is that the precept of households raised £1210.  £915 was spent on grass cutting after a donation of £264 was received from the Cridling Stubbs Community Fund.  Other large amounts were spent on insurance, stationery (printing the newsletter), subscriptions to various bodies and room hire.  The full accounts of the Parish Council are available for inspection on request.


Bryan Crossdale.