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  Arriva Buses Saved (for now)

Earlier this year, North Yorkshire County Council were considering reducing the 414 bus service even more by cancelling all Sunday buses and most evening buses.  However, after reviewing the situation and taking the Parish Council’s comments into consideration, the good news is that the 414 service will remain unchanged at the present time!!!

Please keep a record of buses non-appearances.


Thanks to an enthusiastic group of volunteers and donation of materials the Village Hall has undergone yet another emergency facelift.  One youngster was outstanding on this DIY day.  His attitude, efforts and workrate were impressive and resulted in him being made Youth Leader.


Tuck Shop

Have you ever sat down on a Friday evening and thought “I wish I had a bar of chocolate”?  Now you can.  The Village Hall Tuck Shop will be stocked with chocolate, as well as the usual pop, crisps and sweets, and will be open to all residents on Friday evenings between 6.00 and 8.30pm.


Greenish Fingers Gardening Club


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd May 2006 (as usual, the first Tuesday of the month) at 7pm.  Adults are invited to Cridling Stubbs Village Hall dressed in old clothes and a pair of robust gloves to do a “litter pick” around the village.  This is an opportunity to spring clean the area.  Unfortunately, due to Health & Safety implications this event is not suitable for children. Afterwards, refreshments (and pool table) will be available in the hall.


Complaints about Dirty Roads


A reminder that the phone number to ring to complain about coal slurry on the road is 01977 462257.  The person to speak to is Mick Barry.


Local Women’s Institute Meetings


A local branch of the Women’s Institute will shortly be set up in the village hall.  Anyone interested in joining should contact Claire Wilson or Carolyn Mortimer at Aesculetum, Cobcroft Lane.


Claire’s Party


All residents are invited to Claire Wilson’s 30th (that’s what she said) birthday party on Saturday 22nd April 2006 in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall from 7-11pm. Please bring your own drinks (alcoholic or not).  There will be no smoking in the building, under 18’s will not be allowed to consume alcoholic drinks and no unaccompanied under-18’s will be allowed at the event after 9pm.


Village Hall


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall has been the venue for some international gatherings this year.


In February, two members of our Village Hall Management Committee, as well as others from across the Selby district, visited the Flevoland area of Holland as part of a project on multi-functional community centres (village halls).


In March, twenty of our new-found Dutch friends visited the Selby area to tour six village halls (including a workshop in Cridling Stubbs).  A video showing highlights of this visit can be seen on the Cridling Stubbs website, http://www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk/villagehall.htm


We hope to learn from each other.


Despite the presence of a scary-looking, ginger bearded Leprechaun, the St Patrick’s Day party went well.  (Photographs may be available but not advisable!)  Thanks to members of the youth club, the hall was decorated in an Irish theme with the disco  lights and fog machine making their debut.  The buffet table positively groaned with calories and the tot of Irish whiskey was much appreciated whether “neat” or as Irish Coffee.


The next international event is likely to be during the World Cup in June.  It is hoped that all the matches can be shown on a big screen.  The youngsters at the youth club have plans for making flags so get yours ready too!


If you wish to hire the hall for a private function please contact Bryan Crossdale.  Charges are £6 per hour.


Talking News


Did you know that the Cridling News newsletter is available in audio format (tape or CD) or in large print and can also be viewed on the village website?  Please ask your newsletter delivery person if you would like it delivered in a different format.




Anyone interested in getting together to walk some of the local footpaths, tow paths, bridle paths etc should contact Jenny Adams or Moira Williams.


Parish Council


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council is on Wednesday 12th April 2006 at 7pm in the village hall.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.