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Parish Council


The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 8th March 2006 at 7pm in the village hall.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.


Parish Plan


The winning number of the Parish Plan Questionnaire draw was 9.  The £20 gift voucher has already been claimed.  Many thanks to residents for the great response.  The results will help to produce the Parish Plan.


Arriva Buses


Please see the insert in this newsletter.  North Yorkshire County Council are considering reducing the 414 bus service even more by cancelling all Sunday buses and most evening buses.


If you object to these cut-backs, please write your address and sign the letter and return it to Lynda Walker or any Parish Councillor as soon as possible.


Old Photos


Old photos of the village are still needed for the village website and the Parish Plan.  Contact Bryan Crossdale if you have any which you are willing to lend (they will be safely returned to you after they have been copied).


Village Hall Decorating


The Village Hall needs a coat of paint to freshen it up.  The paint has already been donated and so if anyone has an hour or two to spare with a paint brush, on Saturday 4th March, or any other day, please contact Lynda Walker at 6 Hanover Green or Claire Wilson at Aesculetum, Cobcroft Lane to arrange a convenient time.


Pet Alert


Some residents’ pets have mysteriously become ill over the past few weeks with similar symptoms.  A vet has said that it appears they have been poisoned.  Please take care if you use anything poisonous to animals and also please look out for unusual symptoms of poisoning in your pets.


Complaints about Dirty Roads


The phone number to ring to complain about coal slurry on the road is 01977 462257.  The person to speak to is Mick Barry.  Perhaps if he receives a lot of complaints, he may do something about the problem!




Residents are asked to be considerate when playing music so that it is not loud enough to disturb neighbours.


St Patrick’s Day


To celebrate the Irish National Day on Friday 17th March, Cridling Stubbs Village Hall will be the focus of all things Irish.  From 7-11.30pm there will be food, music and lots of fun.  Admission for adults (to include a free tot of Irish Whiskey) is £4, and for children, who will receive a free soft drink, it is £2.  Val Doonican jumpers, Guinness rugby kit, leprechaun hats, green outfits are optional!


Bring your own drinks (alcoholic or not).  There will be no smoking in the building, under 18s will not be allowed to consume alcoholic drinks and no unaccompanied under-18s will be allowed at the event after 9pm.


Tickets will be available from the Village Hall on Friday 3rd and 10th March from 6-8 pm or from Lynda Walker at 6 Hanover Green.


Gale Common


Extracts from the Flora & Fauna log for Winter 2005/2006:

Merlins, both male and female, are becoming more frequently seen on site.  Peregrine Falcons, which were once quite rare in these parts, are being seen on a regular basis.  A single Hobby has been spotted. This is one of the most attractive and colourful of British Falcons.  Other birds of prey identified on a regular basis include Sparrowhawks, Buzzards and Kestrels.


Stoats appear to be increasing in numbers, probably due to the large number of small mammals available for food.  One was spotted making short work of a rabbit.  The enormous pound-for-pound strength of the stoat was demonstrated when it managed to haul the rabbit (at least three times its own weight) several metres to a hole beneath a pipeline in just a few seconds!


A pair of Mute Swans have spent the last few months on one of the lagoons.  It is possible that they may remain and breed in the Spring.


Greenish Fingers Gardening Club


The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 7th March (the usual first Tuesday of the month) at 7pm in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.  The £1 entrance fee includes refreshments and this month, thanks to a generous donation, there are free seeds on offer.




There have been complaints regarding a motor cycle being ridden in the field at the rear of Croft Lea.  This activity has been reported to the police who are observing the situation.