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Samples of health, nutrition and skincare products  were provided by Aloe Vera Forever Living Products  to a small but receptive audience last month.  Money raised from this event went towards Village Hall funds.


Parish Council


The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 14th December at 7pm in the village hall.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.


“Greenish Fingers”


Meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the village hall, but the next one will be on 13th December.  This will be on a Christmas theme with a demonstration on making Christmas decorations.  Coffee and cake will be served (see insert).


Christmas Decoration Donations


If any residents have spare Christmas decorations that they are willing to donate or loan to the village hall for a month or so, could they please see Claire Wilson or Lynda Walker.  Also, if you want to help to decorate the hall, please contact the same ladies for the times and dates this will be happening.


Carol Singing


The Carol Singing in Cridling Stubbs will be held on Sun 18th December.  This year, it will have a Dickensian theme.  Please meet on the corner of Wrights Lane and Cobcroft Lane at 6.30pm and bring a torch (with spare battery).  Seasonal refreshments will be served afterwards in the village hall.  If you have any requests for specific carols please make them known.  If you are not able to take part in the singing but would like to come to the hall afterwards to join in the party and need transport/ chaperone, to and from the village hall, please ring Bryan Crossdale on 674031.  Victorian outfits are optional but it is hoped that as many people as possible will dress up.  Claire Wilson has plans for the children to make their own Victorian costumes during the Friday youth activity sessions.  If you would like to help please see Claire for further details.  Rumour has it that some males are using the Victorian dressing up theme as an excuse not to shave…..


Youth Activities


Youngsters have just about got over the “scary happenings” and surprise visit of Frankenstein to the  Halloween party held in the village hall.


Line Dancing


After two evenings  of Line Dancing in the village hall, feedback indicates that  people thought it was too advanced for them.  If you would like to join in but start with “the basics”, can you please let Bryan Crossdale know so the dance teacher can teach accordingly.




The Fluidised Gas Desulphurisation Plant is now up and running at Eggborough Power Station.  This accounts for the extra steam emissions you may see from the chimney.  The systems remove thousands of tons of sulphur that would have gone into the atmosphere and turns it into gypsum for plaster.




What do the following have in common?  An elderly resident stranded in Knottingley between 9-11.05pm, a teenager stranded in Knottingley  between 4.50- 5.25 pm and a group of people heading to an 18th birthday party stranded in the village.  The common factor is the no-show of the 414 Arriva bus!  These are just three examples drawn to the attention of the Parish Council in the last month.  It is likely that other bus users (or those who would  use the 414  bus if it actually ran!) have similar complaints.  Clearly the village bus service is less than satisfactory and hinders people in their attempts at employment, education and leisure.  With the onset of winter, this non-arrival of buses has even more implications in terms of health and safety.  In an attempt to improve the situation this issue is being taken up with the relevant bodies at North Yorkshire County Council, Selby District Council, our County Councillor Gillian Ivey and Arriva management.  So please, if you have a complaint about the Arriva 414 bus, make a note of the details and then pass it on to a parish councillor.  Every bit of  “evidence” is needed if the situation is to be improved.  The 414 Arriva bus service is gradually being reduced in both frequency and coverage.  Cridling Stubbs has few amenities left, this one is definitely worth fighting for.


Parish Plan


Interested residents have obtained funding to start to produce a “Parish Plan”.  This is a good opportunity for villagers to make their opinions count and see their ideas make a difference.


If you want to help in this venture, even if it is to distribute questionnaires, please see Jenny Adams or Stan Briggs.