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  Parish Council


The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 14th September at 7pm in the village hall.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.




For everyone’s safety, residents are asked to ensure that any shrubs or trees on their boundary are not overhanging pavements.  Residents are again reminded not to park cars on the pavements.


Farmers’ Market


Farmers' Markets are held on the first Wednesday of every month in front of Selby Abbey between 8am-1pm.  The date for the next market is 4th August.


Cridling Stubbs Educational Fund 2005


Last year, money was allocated to benefit young people in a variety of ways. These included university tuition fees, examination fees, musical equipment, school uniform and digital photographic equipment.  Forms to apply for this year’s awards  must be returned to Jenny Adams, the Secretary of Cridling Stubbs Educational Trust Fund before Sunday 28th August 2005.


Message from North Yorkshire Police


North Yorkshire Police's duty and intention is to reassure and keep safe all communities, including groups who may feel vulnerable in the wake of the London terrorist attacks.  Extra patrols have been mounted across the county to protect and reassure. The Force's view is that this kind of criminality can be overcome by the police and communities working closely together. Experience shows that it is communities that defeat terrorism.  If you have any information that could assist in bringing terrorists to book, call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789321.


Cridling Stubbs Community Fund


Residents who have ideas for projects which they would like to take part in  for the benefit of the village, are asked to apply for funding, in writing, to the Secretary, Shaun Longley at 5 Croft Lea.  The Community Fund can be accessed by residents as well as organisations.


Village Hall Management Committee AGM


This was held on Tuesday 19th July at 7pm in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.  The new Management Committee has decided to raise £2300  to pay the Methodist Church to lift the deed of covenant that forbids the consumption of alcohol, gambling and public dancing in the hall.  Residents can look forward to some social evenings to remember in the near future.  The more the hall is used, the better the facilities will be.




Thanks to those who continue to supply plants, time, energy and water to ensure the two village planters provide colourful displays.  Their efforts are much appreciated.




Some residents persist in burning rubbish etc in their gardens.  Please note that if it causes a nuisance to other residents, the Environmental Health department of Selby District Council can take action.


Youth Activities


The younger children have been very much enjoying arts and craft activities over the last few weeks.  One of their creations, a seascape with shells, is now on display in the village hall.  Anyone who has artistic talents is very welcome to come along on Friday evenings (or Monday afternoons during the school holidays) to pass on their skills.  There must be someone out there who can “do cross-stitch” which is something the children have suggested. And they could teach you how to “skooby”!!!!!!


Womersley School


At a meeting of North Yorkshire County Council’s Education Committee on 14th July 2005 the decision was made to close Womersley School as from 1st January 2006.


Pool Table


During the last twelve months the pool table in the village hall has been available for a £1 donation (instead of the regular hire fee of £6 per hour).  Unfortunately, this concession has been abused by some users  who have been smoking and drinking alcohol on the premises.  As a consequence, the £1 concessionary rate has been withdrawn.


Gale Common Extract from Summer Report.


A pair of little Ringed Plover have nested in a typically precarious spot, right on an access road. These are amazingly brave little creatures.  Each time any vehicle passes, one of the parent birds can be seen running in front of the vehicle, feigning injury in order to distract the driver away from the scantily built nest, which is constructed out of small pieces of shale