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  Parish Council


The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 8th June at 7pm in the village hall.  Some of the items on the Agenda are planning applications to turn The Ancient Shepherd into a house and to build a new house at the rear of Fern Cottage.  As usual, all residents are invited to attend.


Gardening Group


Several local people have expressed an interest in getting together to swap ideas, seeds, cuttings and  plants etc.  Some residents of Womersley have similar ideas.  If you would like to join a gardening club, please ask Bryan Crossdale at The Nook, Cobcroft Lane for details.




The postbox information sign and the bench in the village hall grounds have been repeatedly vandalised recently.  The non-emergency police number to ring to report criminal damage is 0845 6060247.


Farmers’ Market


Farmers' Markets are held on the first Wednesday of every month in front of Selby Abbey between 8am-1pm.  The date for the next market is 6th July.


Trafalgar Weekend


To commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Trafalgar the weekend of 21st-23rd October 2005 has been designated  “Trafalgar Weekend”.  If anyone is interested in marking this occasion, please see Jenny Adams.


Community Fund Donation


Cridling Stubbs Community Fund has kindly given over £250 to the Parish Council to enable a larger area of grass to be cut in the village.  Many thanks to the Trustees of this charity.


Gale Common


A keen eye took the opportunity to take a photograph, at close quarters, of a large female Grass Snake.  It was basking in the spring sunshine to raise its body temperature after the winter’s hibernation.  This particular snake posed for a few pictures before sliding into the water, leaving behind the remnants of a pheasant’s egg, presumably a tasty snack!

If you are interested in the monthly Flora and Fauna report from Gale Common, please ask Bryan Crossdale.


Cridling Stubbs Educational Trust Fund


If you don’t already know, the capital raised from the sale of the old Cridling Stubbs School was used to set up an Educational Trust Fund by North Yorkshire County Council.  This Trust Fund is a registered charity whose trustees are local people.  Every year the charity makes £3000 available for awards for educational uses.  Forms to apply for this year’s awards are attached to this newsletter.  Please note that applications must be received before Sunday 28th August 2005.


Local Elections


Gillian Ivey has been elected as the new County Councillor for the Osgoldcross Division of North Yorkshire.  She will remain as one of our two District Councillors until at least the next District Elections in 2007.  Many thanks to John Vause for his sterling efforts for this area over the last four years.


Message from Gillian Ivey


On May 5th I had the great privilege to be elected to serve on the North Yorkshire County Council - representing Cridling Stubbs and 16 other villages which make up the division known as Osgoldcross.

I would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who supported me, and pledge to represent all the people of this area to the very best of my ability at all times.

I intend to raise awareness of our local issues whenever and wherever I can, ensuring that the Osgoldcross area is not forgotten about.

Our previous County Councillor John Vause worked tirelessly for the community giving generously of his time, and I hope to be able to carry on that tradition – including working on the Kellingley and Darrington Liaison Committees and also the Educational Trust Fund.

I will be continuing to work on the Rural Transport Partnership, looking at the transport issues which particularly affect Cridling Stubbs, Womersley and the Smeatons; and am also planning to step up the campaign against fly-tipping which blights these same villages.

On the County Council I am working on Care and Independence in the Community issues – and hoping to take part in a project looking at care and services for older people.

On day-to-day issues, I can be contacted, either through the Parish Council, or direct.                       

My email address and number are given below - please leave a message if I am not able to answer your call.


Thank you again - Gillian Ivey 01977-620110



Village Hall Management Committee AGM


This will be held in the next couple of weeks.  Please see the Village Hall Notice Board for the actual date and time.  More Trustees for this registered charity are required.  The meeting is open for anyone to attend.