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  Parish Council


The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 11th May at 7pm in the village hall and will include the  Annual General Meeting.

As usual, all residents are invited to attend.




The Village Hall Committee is to hold an auction in the next couple of months.  If you have any items that you no longer need, please contact Bryan Crossdale at The Nook, Cobcroft Lane or Dave Bullough at 29 Croft Lea.


Farmers’ Market


The next Farmers’ Market will be held on Wednesday 4th May in Selby Market Place from 8.00am until 1.00pm.




Cridling Stubbs Village Hall will be open, for both Local and General Election voting, between 7am and 10pm on Thursday 5th May 2005.  Only residents living in the Parish of Cridling Stubbs will be able to vote there.  Residents of Hanover Green will, as usual, have to travel to Womersley to cast their vote because they live in the parish of Womersley, unless they have already made arrangements to have a postal vote.


Womersley School


North Yorkshire County Council have resolved that “in view of the inability of the school to provide high  quality education on a secure basis, and the well-being of the children and the very low numbers at the school, statutory notices be published proposing the closure of Womersley CE School with effect from January 2006.”


The full report states the following details-

Careful consideration and consultation has been given to the issue.  A public meeting, attended by approximately 36 people, was held in Womersley Village Hall and there were 9 written responses.  For several years, since 1996, the Local Education Authority has made strenuous efforts to support the school but despite this the school has been unable to secure sound leadership or maintain viable numbers of children on roll (currently 7 children from 4 families).  The suggested receiving school, Kirk Smeaton CE, is a school offering high standards of education, in another church school within the same diocese.


Fly Tipping


Many thanks to the resident who saw the dustbin wagon tipping its entire contents near the M62 bridge.  The resident has filled in one of the forms supplied with the last newsletter and legal action is being taken against the culprits.  Watch this space as the Parish Council gets tough on these mindless, selfish, antisocial morons.


Arriva Bus Complaints


The Parish Council is collecting complaints about the bus service provided by Arriva.  If you have any complaints such as buses not turning up or running very late, please jot the details down on a piece of paper and hand it to a Parish Councillor.


Young People Activities


Activities for village youngsters are being attempted again on Friday evenings in the village hall.  Thanks to sufficient residents volunteering their time, sessions for under 11s’ activities are taking place from 6-7pm and afterwards for the older ones.  The simulated flying of Concorde on the donated computer went down a treat with all ages as did the much requested “chip butties”.  Attempts are being made to extend the range of games available.  If you would like to support the youngsters, please come along as these activities depend upon adult support.  You don’t have to be a parent to volunteer your help.  In addition, art and craft items, eg ceramic tiles, wool and fabric are desperately required to encourage our budding artists and model makers.


Village Playground


The Parish Council has now received some proposals for the design of the village playground.  Residents, young or old, who wish to view or comment on the design should contact any Parish Councillor.


UK Coal


Members of the UK Coal Liaison Committee and some residents were taken on a  tour around the local UK Coal operations at Womersley Tip on 21st April 2005.  One resident was “amazed” when informed that the speed limit for lorries on the Cridling Stubbs bypass was 40mph.  UK Coal cannot take any action against the drivers as they are only contractors but the Parish Council can and is doing so.  The tour party stopped to observe the action at the wheel wash.  The only wagon which was seen going through it did so incorrectly, resulting in the rear third of the wagon remaining dirty.


Community Trust AGM


The Cridling Stubbs Community Trust administers the £5000 per year given to the village by Darrington Quarries Ltd.  The Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 29th April 2005 at 4.30pm in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.  All residents are welcome to attend to observe the proceedings.