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  Parish Clerk


The Parish Council would like to thank Roger Chapman for his work over the last year and a half as Parish Clerk. Unfortunately (for us) he is moving to pastures newer (and flatter).  We wish him well as he moves on.  The Parish Council therefore needs a new Parish Clerk.  This is not an elected post but an appointment by the Parish Council.  Anyone who is interested in helping the village (the minimum requirement is taking minutes at Parish Council meeting but after that doing as much or as little as you like) should talk to a Parish Councillor.  If you have nothing pressing to do every second Wednesday in the month and want to help the community, this is the job for you.


Dogs (again)


The Village Hall Committee has been informed that a resident is actually encouraging their dog to use the village hall grounds as a toilet!  No action will be taken if this stops immediately.


Floral Display


“Team Stubbs” were out in force at the end of May to install the planter at the southern end of Wrights Lane/Croft Lea. Thanks to all those who joined in with muscle, soil, ashes, wheelbarrows, trowels, bulbs, bedding plants and water to make this quite a social event!  Also, to the residents who are continuing to care for the plants.



Cridling Stubbs Community Trust Fund


As of Wednesday 10th June, money is in the bank account!  £7,500 is now available for community type projects within the village.  Bids received so far include finance for a  pool table in the village hall, a stone flower bed to replace the temporary wooden one at the southern end of Wrights Lane and extra grass cutting.


Youth Activities


The Friday night youth activities in the village hall are continuing.  The table tennis is getting to be of a very high standard with both youngsters and “veterans” having some keenly fought games.  Adult helpers are still desperately needed.


Mrs Phyllis Hurley


Long time village stalwart Phyllis Hurley (nee Threadgold) sadly passed away on 2 June 2004.  She and her family worked very hard within the village for many years.  Mrs Hurley was the organist at the Cridling Stubbs Wesleyan Chapel and then played a key part, alongside her father, in developing the building as the village hall in 1959.  She was a lovely lady who will be much missed.


Parish Council


The accounts for the last financial year have passed their internal audit which this year was carried out by Vale of York Community Accounting Scheme.  These accounts will be available for scrutiny, by appointment, at the home of the Responsible Financial Officer, Councillor Jenny Adams, 55 Wrights Lane, between 28th June and 23rd July.  They will then be sent to the external auditors by 16th August.


It has been decided that future Parish Council meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of every month, except for August.  Therefore the date of the next meeting will be Wednesday 14th July at 7pm in the village hall. 


Gale Common


Extracts from the May 2004 report-

The nesting season is in full swing; skylarks and meadow pipits can be seen and heard.  At least one pair of grey English partridges appear to be nesting in a damp, grassy area and a pair of curlews are also spending time nearby. The curlews can be heard to give their highly distinctive “bubbling” alarm if they are disturbed by pedestrian or vehicle.


A pair of greylag geese have hatched their goslings.  Reed warblers, sedgewarblers and tufted duck have been seen or heard.  A solitary cormorant has taken up temporary residence, it is often seen “hanging its wings out to dry” in the characteristically cormorant fashion.


Butterflies spotted so far include common blue, small white, small copper, brimstone, orange tip, wall brown, small skipper and various vanessids that have come out of winter hibernation.  Turtle doves have been observed on site for the first time in several years.  This is good news as these elegant small doves once nested regularly at Gale Common but have not been seen for the past three years until now!


The brilliant blue damselflies are abundant around the site ditches and can be easily seen especially on sunny days.



Village Hall Update


The AGM of Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Management Committee will be held on Monday 28th June at 7pm in the Village Hall.  All residents are invited to attend the meeting and nominate trustees to the Village Hall Management Committee.  Volunteers are needed.