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Many residents have complained about low flying aircraft performing aerobatics above the village.  A meeting has been held at Sherburn Aero Club with John Grogan MP and representatives from other villages with the same problem.  The outcome was that action will be taken to stop this antisocial behaviour if the number on the side of the planes can be noted.  If you obtain any of these numbers, please pass them on to a Parish Councillor.




I wish to apologise to the parents of any child that came home from the village hall on 30th April with dog dirt on their shoes.  This was trod in within the grounds of the village hall and transferred to the floor inside.  I ask that all responsible adults phone the dog warden, Bill Parker, on 01757 292123 if they see dogs wandering the streets.  I certainly will be telephoning, after seeing the distress, as well as the hours of cleaning, this incident caused residents both young and old.

Bryan Crossdale


Planning Matters


Selby District Council has issued new guidelines for any resident wishing to complain about alleged breaches of planning legislation.  The District Council will inform complainants that, if they wish to notify the Parish Council of a complaint, the Parish Council can fill in the necessary forms, using its name on their behalf.  However, it should be noted that the Parish Council must receive a complaint in writing.  Obviously, the complainant’s name will be kept confidential if at all possible.


Darrington Quarries


Members of the Darrington Quarries Liaison Committee from Cridling Stubbs would like to acknowledge the progress that has been seen at and around the site over the last year or so.  The efforts of the staff and all members of the Liaison Committee have resulted in a marked improvement to the quality of life of residents of the surrounding area.  It is hoped the hard work will continue and that the Liaison Committee will be used to overcome any future problems at the site.


Gale Common


The sandmartins returned at the end of March and promptly resumed residence in their previous nest colony and started nesting.


A fine example of a stoat has been seen from the office window.  It was good to confirm they are still thriving on the site after no sightings had been obtained for several months.


During March a single dunnock was seen daily, feeding among the undergrowth. This species, although quite common in gardens etc is not one that has been much observed at Gale Common.  A pair of oyster catchers has spent two or three days here towards the end of the month. Also a solitary coot has been moving around the lagoons for a few weeks.  There was a time when these, slightly less colourful, relatives of the moorhen were abundant here but not so much of them has been seen in recent times.  This could be to do with the fact that coots tend to prefer slightly deeper water than moorhens and for operational reasons the water depth is slightly less than was the case a few years ago.


Wood anemones bedeck the floor of Shackleton Spring Wood, interspersed with the bright yellow of the lesser celandine.


Youth Activities


The young people of the village have been making use of the village hall in the last few weeks.  Table tennis, pool, table football, music, playstation games and refreshments have been on offer.  It would seem that these two hour sessions have been enjoyed.  Thank you to those who have generously donated items and to the volunteers who have given up their time to the youngsters.  The question now is, how best to build upon provision of recreational facilities for the youngsters. Suggestions and more volunteers are needed.  Why not come along to the village hall on Friday evenings.


Can you help?


Barbara Carmody, living in Sydney, Australia has asked if anyone has any knowledge of the Ingle family who used to live in the village.  She is a distant relative of farmer John Ingle who lived in Cridling Stubbs between 1788 – 1857.


She writes- “Many thanks for the information provided on your Cridling Stubbs website – it has proven to be most enlightening”.


Claire Crossdale will forward any information to her.


Parish Council Meeting


The date of the next Parish Council meeting is Wed 12th May at 7pm.  It will also be the Annual General Meeting.  Items will include updates on various trust funds, accounts and floral displays in the village.