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  UK Coal Liaison


Representatives from Cridling Stubbs, along with those from Selby District Council and North Yorkshire County Council met in February to discuss a variety of issues arising from the operation of UK Coal in the vicinity.  It is hoped that there will be some positive outcomes from these liaisons. UK Coal have supplied the following telephone numbers for villagers to ring if they have any complaints:

Jimmy Savage 462247 or 07767 754431

Mick Barry 462257


Parish Council Meeting


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 31st March at 7.00pm in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.  Items on the agenda include Play Areas, a planning application for a conservatory from the owner of Stubbcroft and the summer planting of bulbs/ bedding plants etc.


Cridling Stubbs Educational Trust Fund


 Thanks are due to County Councillor John Vause and District Councillor Gillian Ivey who have indicated they are prepared to serve on the committee.  This means the proposed “Awards Scheme” becomes more feasible.


Cridling Stubbs Community Trust Fund


The final meeting before the fund becomes available is taking place as this newsletter goes to print.


Gale Common


Extracts from the January 2004 Report.

Roe deer and foxes are still being seen quite frequently.  A very good sighting of a male peregrine was obtained in the early part of the month.  Kingfishers have, again, been reported around the settling ponds area.  Also a pair of Little Grebes, who  are excellent divers, have been spotted.  They will disappear under the water immediately they sense any danger and pop up several seconds later, many metres away from where they submerged.


Herons are taking good advantage of some low lagoon levels.  Two pairs of widgeon have been seen during the month, they often appear as large flocks in the winter but so far only the four birds have been seen.


Many good sightings were obtained of an unusual bird of prey.  About the size of a buzzard with a light fawn streaked head and body, rich brown wing coverts and a darker brown tail, it was difficult to identify at first.  Eventually it became clear it was a Saker Falcon.  Since these are Eastern European birds and rarely seen in their native countries it would be extremely unlikely to see a truly wild Saker at Gale Common.  Therefore, it must be assumed, unless further confirmatory evidence appears, that this is another escaped falconry bird.


Birds seen around the office area include blackbird, dunnock, goldfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch, stonechat, robin, various thrushes, moorhen, pheasant, red legged partridge, wren, jay, green woodpecker, stock dove and kestrel.


Selby District Councillor Surgery


Our District Councillors are to hold a surgery on Saturday 3rd April 2004 for anyone in the area.  This will take place in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall from 10.00 am-12 noon.

For more information contact one of our District Councillors:

Gillian Ivey on 620110 or Dave Peart on 01757 213030.



Well Well Well


During the recent excavation of WRG’s Darrington North quarry, the remains of an old filled-in well have been found.  More information will be reported as archaeologists try to discover how old it is and any more interesting information.


Olive Stones


Eggborough Power Station is presently conducting trials with the burning of ground olive stones, a Government scheme for using this “Biomass” to produce electricity.


They are burnt as up to 10% replacement of coal.  Some of the carbon dioxide which is then discharged from the power station is, theoretically, used by olive trees being grown elsewhere in the world to produce oxygen and more olive stones - a neat and environmentally friendly circle.


Cridling Stubbs Web site


The village web site has undergone a major update.  Its address is still www.cridling-stubbs.co.uk and, hopefully, will be regularly updated.


Old Fowks


There has been an enquiry regarding the Appleyard family who used to live in Cridling Stubbs.  Also, a visitor to Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Library has been enquiring about their grandma who was Doris Whittles.  Anyone who has any knowledge of these people can contact a Parish Councillor.


Neighbourhood Watch


Residents are advised to give their postcode when ringing the police call centre.  The receptionist may not know where Cridling Stubbs is but can identify the address from your postcode.