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UK Coal Liaison


A liaison committee has just been set up to try to find a solution to the problems caused by UK Coal transporting coal slurry from Kellingley Colliery to Womersley Quarry.  The condition of the road is often a disgrace and so this will be the first problem to be addressed.


Spring Lodge Quarry


Selby District Council have recently refused the Sep 2003 planning application from Farokh Sarkari to develop Spring Lodge Quarry as a jet ski centre.


It is now hoped that the disused water-filled quarry can be adopted for use for non-motorised water sports, for example canoeing, fishing and sailing as well as a nature reserve.


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Library


The village hall library, open on Wednesdays during school term-time from 3.30pm, now has a selection of popular adult fiction in the form of audio tapes.  Come along and join up.


Parish Council Meeting


The next meeting of Cridling Stubbs Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 25th  February at 7.00 in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.


Carol Singing


It seems a long time ago but thanks to all those residents and visitors, both young and not so young, with and without singing voices who made the carol singing a success.  Feedback indicates the singing was very much appreciated. The refreshments afterwards certainly were!



Stay Put Service


Backed by North Yorkshire County Council and Selby District Council, the Stay Put service offers assistance to elderly or disabled householders to carry out repairs, improvements and adaptations to enable them to remain in their own homes.  Stay Put is also compiling a list of approved contractors.  Further information is available on 01757 213777.


Cridling Stubbs Educational Trust Fund


Further to the appeal in the previous two newsletters, volunteers are still needed to enable the proposed “Awards Scheme” to be implemented.


Boundary Committee


Later in the year the Boundary Committee is to hold a referendum for North Yorkshire residents as to whether or not they favour a Yorkshire Regional Assembly.  A second question in the referendum will ask, if the majority are in favour of a Regional assembly, what form this should take?  It is likely that there will be at least two options, the two “choices” for Selby being


1. to join the existing North Yorkshire area to form one unitary authority

2. to join the existing East Riding of Yorkshire to form one unitary authority.


Another possibility is that Selby should link with York.  At the moment, this will not be an option.  If you would like this link to be a third option in the referendum, please see a Parish Councillor or write directly to the Boundary Committee before 23rd February at


Local Government Review Team

North Yorkshire County Review

The Boundary Committee for England

Trevelyan House

Great Peter Street




Gale Common


Extracts from the November and December 2003 Report.


A small herd of roe deer has been seen many times this month, probably about five animals in all.  Although roe deer are solitary in the summer, they do tend to roam in smallish groups during the Winter months.


On the 13th Nov a large flock of fieldfare descended noisily (from Scandinavia) on the trees around the office area and promptly started to feed on the abundant berries.


The titmice and finches are roaming the site in large flocks.  The juveniles of the broods follow each other from copse to copse searching for insects among the bark of the trees.  They will spend most of the winter in these loose flocks until Spring comes when they will split up into pairs to breed.


A small group of pochard was seen in late November.  These are the first visitors of this species to be noted for many months.  One northern shoveler has been seen on a lagoon.  Although the drakes are very colourful birds, their most striking feature is the enormous spatulate bill with which they feed by making broad sweeps through shallow water.  It is unlikely that this duck will find sufficient food on site and will probably move off shortly.


British Energy has entered the site as a participant in the BTO-Hanson Business Bird Challenge 2004.  This means, among other things, that staff at the site shall be monitoring the bird species in particular more closely than ever.  There may be scope for volunteer assistance in this enterprise, so if you are interested please contact John Lupton or Paul Etherington at Gale Common.