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South Selby Taxibus


A taxibus service has been developed by North Yorkshire County Council that passes through the village.  It operates between Walden Stubbs and Eggborough, suitable for people travelling to Selby.


NYCC Planning Meeting


On 23 April, the Planning Committee of North Yorkshire County Council discussed the progress made regarding the complaints against Darrington Quarries and their interpretation of the planning conditions.  The Committee decided to wait for the outcome of trials using a larger excavator at the quarry.  This is an attempt to reduce the noise from the pecker.  If anyone has any complaints about activities at the quarry or landfill site, members of the Darrington Quarries Liaison Committee will be willing to take up any grievances on your behalf.  The next Planning Meeting will take place on 11 June at Northallerton where, it is hoped, some more progress will be made.


Parish Meeting Elections


Bryan Crossdale is the new Chairman of the Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting.  He takes over from Mr Arnold Hallam who has done the village proud for 29 years!  The new Parish Clerk is Lisa Smith who takes over from the extremely hard-working Mr John Harvey.  The village wishes to thank Mr Hallam and Mr Harvey for the considerable time and effort spent in the execution of their duties.


Next Parish Meeting


The next Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 28 May at 7.30pm in the village hall.  Items on the agenda include an update from the Darrington Quarries Liaison Committee, Re-forming of the Village Hall Committee, the Education Trust Fund and a discussion on the Parish Meeting becoming a Parish Council.  Everyone is very welcome to attend.


Environment Agency


Earlier this month, representatives of the village had a meeting with John Grogan MP and the Environment Agency to try to resolve issues with the Landfill site.  Unfortunately, the meeting raised more issues than were resolved, leading to a rather heated debate on some matters.  The outcome of this is still awaited.  However, we now have a promise that testing will be done on the gas emitted from the site to discover its composition.  This is the beginning of what could be a very lengthy process with the Environment Agency but progress is being made.


Next Issue


If you have any news or information that you want to share with other residents of the village, please contact Bryan Crossdale at The Nook, Cobcroft Lane or Lisa Smith at 39 Croft Lea to have it included in the next issue of The Cridling News.