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Planning Complaints to Selby DC


Selby District Councilís Planning Department have asked that the following information is printed in all parish newsletters:


ďThe number of reports received regarding alleged breaches of planning legislation has significantly increased.  This relates to the total number of reports received and not only those received from Parish Councils.  Many reports have been anonymous and under the current Enforcement Policy, these are dealt with in the normal way but with a degree of caution.


In order that as much information as possible can be gathered at the time of making the report, two different types of forms have been produced which should be completed for all reports.  One is for building work and one for use of land or buildings.  These forms can be obtained by ringing 01757 292034.


Regrettably, and due to increased workload, anonymous complaints will no longer be investigated.  Complainants should, however, be assured that their identities would be kept strictly confidential.Ē


Parish Council Meeting


The next Parish Council meeting will be held on Tuesday 2nd December at 7.00 pm in Cridling Stubbs village hall.  The Agenda for the meeting will be posted, as usual, on the Village Hall notice board at least 3 days before the day of the meeting.


Bulb Planting


Much fun was had by an intrepid bunch of volunteers  who spent almost a full day planting spring bulbs at the end of October.  Thanks to all, young and not so young, who worked very hard. Digging into concrete-like ground to plant daffodils, grape hyacinths and crocus was not easy. Hopefully, next Spring, the main entrance to the village and the southern end of Wrights Lane will be a splash of colour which can be improved each year.


Community Trust Fund Committee


Following the appeal for residents to sit on the  above committee, Lynda Walker and Charles Bullock have volunteered their services.  The first meeting will be taking place on 18 November to complete the necessary paperwork for the Trust Fund to become a registered charity.  We can then start to decide what sort of improvements the money, given to the village by Darrington Quarries Ltd, is going to be spent on.


Educational Trust Fund Committee


This Committee is to be re-convened to propose a framework for an Awards Scheme to be implemented.  More committee members from the village are needed.  If you would like to be involved with setting up this project, please let a Parish Councillor know before the next Parish Council meeting.


Cridling Stubbs Village Hall  Library


The library has now been running for over a year.  Most borrowed books include anything to do with horses, animals in general and the Goosebumps series.  There is now a large selection of books for older residents.  Adults wanting to join should come to the village hall on any Wednesday at 3.30 except during school holidays.


Contact Numbers


Many residents have asked who they should contact to help with various problems.  Please find a contact list attached to this newsletter that you can keep safe for reference.


Village Hall News


A new newsletter from the Village Hall Management Committee is attached.  It is hoped that this will be a regular production.


Neighbouhood Watch


This scheme is now up and running.  Signs will be placed around the village next weekend advertising this fact which, hopefully, will deter some nocturnal visitors to the village.


Residents Input


Any resident that wants to place an advert in this newsletter or has information to share with all other residents should contact Bryan Crossdale at The Nook.


Christmas Carols


You may think itís too early in the year but hereís a reminder that carol singing will take place around the village on Monday 22nd December.  Anyone wanting to take part should meet at the junction of Wrights Lane and Cobcroft Lane at 6.30 with a torch.  Anyone with requests for a particular carol to be sung outside their house should contact Claire Crossdale.