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A reminder that the plastic boxes for recycling paper/cardboard and glass will be collected fortnightly starting Friday 12th Sep.  Boxes should be put out before 7am.  Any resident who has not been given recycling boxes should contact a Parish Councillor.


Parish Council Meeting


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Tuesday 23rd September at 7.00 pm in the village hall.  Items on the agenda include the Educational Trust Fund and Children’s Playgrounds.


Neighbourhood Watch


Car registrations- North Yorkshire Police have supplied the following vehicle registration numbers to look out for in and around this area-

N777 AHE – a white Ford Transit van.

A number similar to EAU 145Y – a red Volkswagen Polo.

J676 YWU – a white Peugeot pick-up truck.

All vehicles have allegedly been connected with robberies in the South Selby area.  Please report any sightings of these vehicles to a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator or directly to the police.

Unattended bikes- a lot of pushbikes are being left unattended around the village.  For safety and theft reasons, please advise children to look after their bikes.


Tenant Satisfaction Survey


Selby District Council are carrying out a survey of their tenants, asking how they think the Council performs as a landlord.  Any tenant who has received a questionaire is urged to complete and return it.  It is your chance, as a customer, to tell Selby DC what you think of the service that they provide.



Anti-Social Behaviour Count Day


Wednesday 10th September has been designated “The Day to Count Anti-Social Behaviour” by the Home Office.  Cridling Stubbs Parish Council, along with all the others in the area, has been asked to record the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour that are reported to them during the 24 hours of that particular day.

The type of behaviour to report (at a convenient time) includes: drug/substance misuse and dealing, street drinking, begging, prostitution, kerb crawling, inappropriate sexual acts, abandoned cars and vehicle related nuisance, issues related to noise, rowdy behaviour, nuisance behaviour, intimidation or harassment of individuals, hoax calls, animal related problems and environmental damage which covers criminal damage, vandalism and litter/rubbish.


Telephone Box


The Parish Council has received a request to sanction the telephone box being moved to a different position.  The two positions being considered are on the pavement outside the village hall and on the wide part of the pavement of Wrights Lane at its junction with Cobcroft Lane.  Residents’ opinions on the two options are needed.  Please give your thoughts on the subject to a Parish Councillor.


Village Post Code

WF11 or YO10 ?


The Parish Council is seeking residents’ opinions about changing the area’s postcode to a North Yorkshire one.  It could help to eliminate confusion  which can arise through a West Yorkshire post code being allocated to a North Yorkshire property and may help to reduce insurance costs.  Feedback on this proposal is invited.


School Governors


In common with other parts of the country, there is a shortage of school governors in North Yorkshire.  To shape the future of schooling in the county, North Yorkshire County Council are looking for additional governors.  The work is voluntary and unpaid and requires a reasonable amount of commitment and time.  Anyone interested in becoming a school governor should contact Rose Walker on 01609 532936 or write to her at Education Service, County Hall, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 8AE.  Applications are welcomed from a wide range of backgrounds and ages.  Governing bodies can make a real difference to the way a school progresses.