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Waste Local Plan


Residents who support North Yorkshire County Council’s plan to remove the Cridling Stubbs landfill site from the waste local plan are asked to see a Parish Councillor in order to sign a form stating this.  Consultations are nearing the final stages and one more show of our feelings on this matter is needed.




The telephone number to contact the local police for non-emergency cases is 01904 631321.  There are improvements taking place to the telephone system at the moment and so please be patient when calling.  Obviously, for emergencies and to report crimes in progress, the number is still 999.


Field Gates


The farmer who cultivates the land at the back of the houses on Croft Lea has asked that the gates from some of the houses into the field are blocked up.  This is to prevent trespassing into the field and to stop damage to his crops.


District Councillors


A message from our new District Councillors, Gillian Ivey and David Peart:

We would like to thank the residents of Cridling Stubbs for the support we received.  The turn-out of voters on the day was good and made a big difference to the result.
Thank you.

In addition to attending Council Meetings, we have been appointed to serve on four “boards” (or committees)
Planning                       David
Economy                      David
Environment                Gillian
Policy & Resources     Gillian
and will also be involved in working groups on Information Technology (David) and Rural Economy (Gillian).


If any resident has a query or problem, please give one of us a call, and see if we can help.
David Peart 01757-213030
Gillian Ivey 01977-620110



Stranger Danger


A man has been seen trying to lure children into the bushes at the northern end of Wrights Lane.  His description is 30ish, short hair, wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans.  He rode off on a pushbike towards Knottingley when approached.  The police are aware of the incident and any sitings should be reported directly to them.  Please make your children aware.


Village Hall Library


A new selection of 30 books has just been delivered from North Yorkshire County Council.  Titles include “Stanley Bagshaw and the Show Jumping Mouse”, "Amazing Bugs”, “Save the Ponies” and “The Banshee Train”.   A large selection of books for adult readers has also been collected.  If enough interest is shown, the library will open to older residents, providing refreshments and a place to meet.  If you are interested in joining, please see a Parish Councillor or Claire Crossdale.


Neighbourhood Watch


At the request of  residents, enquiries have been made about setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.  PC Mike Welsh will attend the Parish Council meeting on July 1st to explain what this would involve.  A village co-ordinator has already volunteered her services and others have expressed an interest in helping with the scheme but more will be needed.  If you are interested in joining or helping with the scheme, which can play an important role in crime reduction, please contact Moira Williams.


Broadband Internet Access


It appears that some houses in the village can be connected to the internet via Broadband and others cannot.  This is due to the distance from the Knottingley exchange.  The village is a border-line case for this distance.  However, this cut-off point for activation is to be increased in the next few weeks and so if you have been refused for activation, try again in the middle of July.


Fly Tipping


The telephone number to report anyone seen fly tipping is 0800 807060 which is the Environment Agency Hotline.  To report rubbish already tipped illegally, the telephone numbers to get it removed are 01757 292113 or 292047 which is Selby District Council.