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Cridling Stubbs Parish Council


The Parish Council is about to be formed.  As there were only five nominations for the five posts, no election has been held.  The five Parish Councillors for the next four years from 6th May will be:


Jenny Adams        675358

Bryan Crossdale   674031

Shaun Longley      677782

Mick Shepherd     671269

Moira Williams       675383


All residents are most welcome to attend Parish Council meetings, the first of which will be after the final Parish Meeting on 6th May at 7.00.


Easter Eggs


An Easter Egg Hunt was held at the Village Hall Library on 9th April.  All the children (eventually) managed to find a bag of eggs but it is thought only a few found their way back home!


The Lucky Number Easter Egg competition was won by Dale Longley.  This fund-raising effort raised £30 for “Friends of Cridling Stubbs”.  Thanks to Mr & Mrs Hallam for donating the Easter Egg and to all who bought a number.


Arriva Buses


Due to several complaints received by the Parish Meeting about the bus service through the village, Arriva have been contacted.  The company has given us a hotline telephone number to contact them when there is another problem.  This is 08701201088.  They also require details of the times buses do not turn up, are late or take the wrong route.  If we complain every time a bus fails to turn up, eventually Arriva may do something about it.


Village Sign


The village has received a grant of £550 (90% of the cost) to help pay for a stone sign.  This will incorporate the name of the village and is to be erected at the northern end of Wrights Lane.  After its construction, the surrounding area will be planted with a variety of bulbs ready for next Spring.


Do you remember?


The village website has received a message from Eric Addy in Bunbury, Western Australia who was born in Cridling Stubbs in 1936.  His parents were Herbert and Mary Jane Addy, their other children included Joan and Bill.  Eric is asking if anyone has any memories of these Addy fowks.  If you can recall anything, Claire Crossdale will pass it on to Eric.  Hopefully, there might be something to add to the Village Archive material.


Another message with a Cridling Stubbs connection has been received from a descendant of the very wealthy London business man William Tomlinson. He died in 1838 leaving


“my freehold estate and hereditaments situate and lying at Cridling Stubs near Pontefract in the County of York”


to his daughter Bridget Russell Spencer and husband John.  We don’t know exactly where this William came from but his father was a farmer in Pontefract.  Therefore, if anyone has Tomlinson or Spencer ancestors and family tales of 19th century wealth, “exquisite Turkish carpets”, properties and factories in England and abroad……….. we have more information!


Litter Bins


The two new litter bins in the village are now in operation, the only problem is finding the correct department within Selby DC to empty them!  Thanks to the young persons who cleared up their own rubbish from under the trees near the bypass.  Keep up the good work.


The Ancient Shepherd and Village Hall Flyers


An explanation of the proposals to purchase The Ancient Shepherd is on the back page of this newsletter.  Anyone who has not returned their questionaire and who supports this scheme are asked to return them as soon as possible.


The Future of The Ancient Shepherd and the Village Hall


Some residents have misunderstood the proposed project to purchase the village pub and sell the village hall.  The front half of The Ancient Shepherd would be retained as a pub.  However, this would be completely separate from the rear half (what is now the restaurant) which would be for community use to replace the village hall.  The fenced-off area at the rear of the car park would become a children’s playground with access via a fenced area through one edge of the car park.  The Ancient Shepherd complex would therefore become three separate areas, a playground, a pub and a community centre.  The outbuildings at the rear of the pub could possibly become a village shop, staffed by volunteers.


The Educational Trust Fund would not be used to purchase the pub, it would be used to purchase the land and set up a playground in the fenced area, a right and proper use for the Fund.  Only about 50% of the fund would be used, not 100% as previously stated.  The remainder of the Fund would still be available for bursaries or awards.  Money received from the sale of the village hall would be used to purchase the community centre section of the pub building. The pub section of the building would be purchased using funding obtained from elsewhere (grants etc.).  The pub would be run as a business by an experienced person on behalf of the village with profits being used to improve all aspects of the village.  It would be overseen by a management committee with appropriate skills.


The proposed project would not result in children using the pub facilities any more than they do now.  In fact, it would be less because sweets, crisps and pop could be purchased from the shop instead of “over the bar” which is what happens at the moment.


With this explanation, it is hoped you can support the proposals, proposals aimed at putting the heart back into the village by giving our children somewhere to play, by giving all residents somewhere to meet, by giving the village a focal point.  If you can support this proposal, please return your questionnaire or ask a Parish Councillor for another if you have misplaced the original.