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The long awaited £1000 Planning Gains from Eggborough Power Station is now banked.  It is hoped to use this money to generate more funding for urgently needed repairs to the Village Hall. Rewiring, damp-proofing and central heating are top of the list.


Shrove Tuesday- 4th March


Bring yourself, your children your frying pan and a pancake to Cridling Stubbs Village Hall at 4pm for fun and games.  Then why not stay for tea – a selection of hot and cold foods will be available.


Cridling Stubbs Children’s Library


The Cridling Stubbs Village Hall Library has recently been inundated with books, including lots from the Goosebumps series. Also, a termly selection of thirty fiction and non-fiction books from NYCC Library Services.  Titles such as “Puffling in a Pickle” and “Whose side are you on?” have gone down very well with readers!


Dog Nuisance


Bill Parker, the Selby District Council Dog Warden, has supplied information regarding dog fouling and the law.  Copies are attached.


New Parish Council


Next week, nomination papers will be sent to the Chairman of the Parish Meeting for distribution to those interested in becoming a Parish Councillor.  Please see Bryan Crossdale if you require a form.  These forms MUST be returned to Selby District Council before 1st April 2003.


Forthcoming Events


Thanks to a generous donation, “Friends of Cridling Stubbs” are holding a lucky Easter Egg competition.  Details will be circulating shortly.


By request, the second “Friends of Cridling Stubbs” auction will be held on Tuesday 18th March in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall at 7.30pm.  Items you no longer need or want (but please, no more snakes!) may be delivered to the Hall on 17th March 6-7pm or 18th March 2-3pm. See Mike Dearnley or Mick Shepherd for more details.


Viewing will take place from 6.30 -7.30pm when refreshments will be served.

Come along and enjoy the entertainment at the same time as helping to clean up the environment in Cridling Stubbs.


Next Parish Meeting


The next Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 4th March at 7 pm in the Village Hall. On the agenda will be the new Darrington Quarries planning application. This application involves the whole of the Darrington Quarries complex.  Parish Meeting (and individual) observations must be returned to NYCC by the 15th March deadline.