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WRG Liaison Committee


A liaison committee has been set up to include local residents and the operators of the quarry and landfill site, Waste Recycling Group (WRG).  Four residents have been elected to attend this committee in order to discuss and hopefully put an end to the pollution affecting the village.  Anyone with any complaints (or even compliments) with regard to the activities of WRG (previously known as Darrington Quarries Ltd) can contact any of the four, who are Mike Anderson, Bryan Crossdale, Mike Dearnley and Mick Shepherd at any reasonable time.


NYCC Planning Committee see for themselves


The whole of the Planning Committee of North Yorkshire County Council recently made a site visit to the nearby landfill site and quarry operated by WRG.  This visit took place on 19 March, and was followed by a public meeting in Cridling Stubbs Village Hall.  At this meeting, over half of households in the village were represented, a magnificent turnout!  The meeting was held as a result of extremely hard work carried out by our local County Member, Councillor John Vause who has the very difficult job of representing residents and the company.  The feeling amongst residents at the meeting was one of impatience, of wanting some sort of action immediately.  However, the Planning Committee decided that the complaints should first be addressed by the Liaison Committee and that the next meeting should take place as soon as possible.  The minutes of this meeting are then to be discussed at the next NYCC Planning Committee Meeting.  Therefore, it is vital that residents continue complaining, through the Liaison Committee members if necessary, to show their concern regarding the activities at the landfill site and quarry and their quality of life and their environmental fears.




Having been a long-standing resident of Cridling Stubbs, I was absolutely delighted to see the response of villagers to the NYCC Planning Meeting held in our village hall.  Standing room only was the order of the day, a working day and not a particularly good time for people to attend. A wonderful reaction and a true reflection of the frustrations and intense feelings of all the village.  The spontaneous applause that erupted after our representative delivered our heartfelt plea to the Committee showed the deep feelings felt by everyone.

A Resident


Nothing appeared to have been achieved.  I understand only Bryan Crossdale was allowed to say anything apart from the Councillors.  However, the questions that were asked were not very searching and the doubts that were expressed could not be proved one way or the other.  There was no-one from Environmental Health there and to achieve anything, surely there should have been.

M Williams

The above comments have been expressed by quite a few residents.  The problem is that some of our complaints are dealt with by NYCC and others are the responsibility of the Environment Agency. A meeting is to be held in the very near future with The Environment Agency, Residents and J Grogan MP.


I wish to thank everyone who attended the recent NYCC Planning Meeting in the village hall and everyone who could not attend but have showed their support in a variety of other ways.  The campaign to achieve a better quality of life in our village will continue, sometimes more slowly than is desired but, with residents support, we will succeed.  NYCC now realise there is a problem here.  It is now up to us to make them do something about it.  Thank you once again.

B Crossdale


Education Trust Fund


At a recent Parish Meeting, the Education Trust Fund, given to the village as a result of the sale of the old school, was discussed.  It was decided that the Village Hall Committee is to be re-formed and that money from the Trust Fund will be used to good effect by the Committee applying to various authorities for funding for various projects.  This will increase greatly the amount of money available to spend on the younger people of the village.




The Annual General Meeting of The Cridling Stubbs Parish Meeting is to take place on Tuesday 16 April at 7.30pm in the village hall.  Items on the agenda include the election of Chairman and Clerk of the Parish Meeting as well someone to attend other local meetings. The latest proposals from Darrington Quarries to cut down on the noise from the quarry are also included.  Everyone is very welcome to attend.


Country & Western at The Shepherd


Country and Western Singer, John Aston will be appearing at The Ancient Shepherd on Friday 19 April.  All monies raised are for The Prince of Wales Hospice.  Tickets are 2.50, available from the bar, the event starting at 8.00pm.


Next Issue


If you have any news or information that you want to share with other residents of the village, please contact Bryan or Claire Crossdale at The Nook, Cobcroft Lane to have it included in the next issue of The Cridling News.