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March 1934
Attended by Geo Peacock, Joe Parker, Edith Berry, Ernest Senior, Wm Hardwick, Frank Huddlestone.
Proposed and seconded that F Huddlestone take the Chair.
Resolved that the sympathy of the meeting be conveyed to the widow of the late J Metcalfe of Darrington Leys, for many years Chairman of this Parish Meeting.
Resolved that the sum of 9s 8d monies due to the Clerk for cash books and stationery purchases be paid.
Resolved that the Yorkshire Electric Power to be written to enquiring as to the conditions and price of a supply of electricity to the Village.
Resolved that this Meeting expresses its disapproval of the existing hand gate at the Railway Crossing and that the Railway be asked to provide a larger hand gate as in other parishes so that bicycles may be passed through.
March 1939
Attended by F Huddlestone, Miss Berry, R Holt, G Peacock, E Cowling, R Addy, J Lobley, L Frost, A Beighton, Mrs Dinsdale
Proposed and seconded that F Huddlestone be Chairman
It was decided to send a letter of condolence to be sent to Mrs Thompson.
Resolved to write to the County Council re Housing.  If no satisfactory reply was received within one month that the Ministry of Health should be written to.
Resolved that the Education Committee be written saying that the fee charged for use of the school is considered excessive.
March 1953
Attended by Mesdames Scott, Dickenson, Langhorn, Frost, Threadgold, Copley, Hallam, Glendenning, Rhodes, Evans and Miss Berry, Messrs Dickenson, Perfect, Hurley, Turver, Hurd, Hallam, Lobley, Warrington, Pickersgill, Scott, B Shaw, H Shaw, Evans.
Councillor Bagshaw was re-elected as Chairman, E Glendenning was elected as Clerk.
Miss Berry proposed that Parish Meetings were more frequent but the proposal to hold 2 meetings a year was carried.  Mr H Shaw proposed that a noticeboard should be erected in the village, this was carried.  Mr Hallam proposed that the meeting be closed.
March 1964
All books were missing, so minutes of previous Meeting could not be confirmed.  Since the Meeting all books have been found at Osgoldcross RDC offices.
Cr J Lobley (did not vote, resident in Womersley), Mr W Johnson, Mrs I Johnson, Mrs M Frost, Mrs B Copley, Mrs A Langhorne, Mrs E Threadgold, Mr J Parker, Miss E Berry.
It was proposed, seconded and voted that Mr W Johnson should be Chairman and Miss Berry should be Secretary.
It was decided that steps should be taken to find particulars of cost for street lighting, that YEB should be approached for details of positioning of four lamps, one near Mrs Threadgold's house, one near entrance to centre field, across from Post Box, and two in between.
Unanimously agreed to urge Osgoldcross RDC to build 8 bungalows for older people.and also to ask them to empty dustbins weekly in summer.
It was unanimously agreed that "Osgoldcross RDC should be asked to take steps to stop the spread of mud and stone from Darrington Leys Quarries at Darrington Leys and by the road into the village by the Post Box".
Unanimously agreed to ask the Divisional Health Officer to arrange for the Mobile Clinic to visit Cridling Stubbs.