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West Riding Yorkshire Election

December 1848

Pontefract Polling District

Name of Voter                       Residence of Voter

John Coward   1                       Cobcroft

John Ingle  1                            Cridling Stubbs


The 2 parliamentary candidates were Edmund Denison Esquire (Conservative) and Sir Culling Eardley Eardley Baronet (Liberal).  Denison gained 14,743 votes, Eardley gained 11,795 votes, therefore Edmund Denison was duly elected to Parliament with a 2,948 majority.

"1" by the name of the voter indicates those who voted for Edmund Denison.

NB The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography has this extract -

On all the surviving evidence Denison was tough and uncompromising. An 1856 photograph shows him clean-shaven and grimly determined. At his death even the local tory paper, in its long effusive obituary, described him as ‘brusque in his manner, impatient to a degree of human vanity in all its ugly shapes, and with little trace of sentiment or poetry of any description’ (Doncaster Chronicle, 29 May 1874, 4–5). Denison died at Doncaster on 24 May 1874, his wife having died on 27 March that year. A funeral service was held at Christ Church, Doncaster, on 29 May, after which he was buried in a family vault there.