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1834 West Riding Yorkshire Poll Book - Township of Cridling Stubbs (Snaith Polling District)

     Name of voter                                Residence of voter

W  William Appleyard                                  Cridling Stubbs

W  Benjamin or Richard Cooke                  Cridling Stubbs

W  William D D Chafy                                The Lodge, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

W  John Ingle                                             Cridling Stubbs

William Ingle                                         Cridling Park

    Joseph Ingle                                           Cobcroft

   William Pilkington                                    Thorne  


The 2 parliamentary candidates were Lord Viscount Morpeth and the Hon John Stuart Wortley.  Lord Morpeth gained 9066 votes, Wortley 6295, therefore Morpeth won by 2807 votes and was duly elected to Parliament.

"W" by the name of the voter indicates those who voted for the Hon John Stuart Wortley.    

In the limelight, the first secret ballot in Britain wasn't held until 1872 and just happened to be in a Pontefract by-election!  The ballot boxes being sealed with the characteristic liquorice stamp.